Friday, October 30, 2009

AIR-COND! i'm so sorry...

I have something terrible important to say here...
To all my classmates of LGB5AB in sem 5; July-Dis'09

This is because of one thing that I never understand, hehe...
It's about AIR-COND!
I'm so sorry because I always switched on the air-cond...
and at the same time turned the fan volume to 5...

I'm so sorry to have done that but...
I just get so warm when sitting in the class...
not just in class but I always like that..
Plus, if the fan wasn't spinning,
or the air-cond wasn't blowing,
I couldn't breathe!
Honestly, I say, I just couldn't breathe...
I'm not playing with words or what here
BUT it is really a serious matter
BECAUSE I could feel that the air was frozen! static!

Just imagine...
In a small room with almost 40 people in it...
I assume that all of us have at least 37 degree celcius body temperature
and each one of us is breathing
releasing more than 30% carbon dioxide from the previous inhaled air
and with the exhaled breathe is a higher temperature
the TOTAL of those are circulating in the room!
can you imagine how intensed is the air?
PLUS if the fan and/or air-cond weren't switched on...
the air doesn't move!
and i just could feel it
and it really suffocated me...

Please understand my situation and forgive me...
for switching on the 2 'cold' things
even all of you are freezing to death

Even i'm saying sorry here...
Please allow me to write something that i'm not satisfied with this issue..
Why must some people sit under the fan?
or in the way of the air-cond's blowing passage?
even WHEN THEY KNOW EXACTLY that they would freeze?
my heart is burning hard when these people come everyday
and sit near those 2 'wicked-freezing' things...
and struggled hard after that to kill those freezing works!

Well, this maybe unacceptable to some people..
They may say;
"it's my nature to feel cold" or
"where else i could run from the freeze in the class?" or
"why are you so hot?" or
"what are you? thick-skinned?"

whatever you want to say about me,
i wish i don't care...
because i just feel that
if you are freezing, you can always bring a sweater
or wear thick clothes
but for warm people like me
i can't always be fanning all the way in the class...
if i'm wrong, please correct me..ok?

I'm not mad if that some people just turned the fan volume down
BUT i'm really pissed off if they just switched them off!

Once again, please forgive me for creating such a freezing chaos in the class..hehe O.o
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