Sunday, August 11, 2013

Let's backstab, shall we?

It’s disappointing, really, when we meet people who have not a noble heart but a very dark one. It’s more annoying when you can’t run away from them and have to stick with them just because you have to, because of the situation…just because you can’t run away.

In life, I’ve met so many different people with many kinds of attitude, perception, and prejudice. I thought those were the worst. Well, I guess I was wrong. The worst kinds of people you may see on this planet are the people who have the darkest heart, the most hypocrite face, and the sharpest backstabber!

Always, I can’t relay what I have in mind in writing but I always hope that my readers can understand what I’m trying to say. I just want to advise you all, please, don’t be too nice to people just like I did! 

Honestly, I had no suspicion over that person. I always thought that the person is nice, that no harms will ever be done to me. I always gave the best, I’d been very helpful, and I’d been very kind as I was doing all that because I was thinking that person was one of my friends. Well, I guess, I was very na├»ve or should I say stupid? For doing all the nicest things that I could have ever done and after all, what I got was a very sharp, hurtful, painful backstabbing effects?

Pardon me for not having beautifully arranged sentences here but this just portrays the clutters in my mind right now. Every day I’ve been waking up and sleeping to this matter. Now my life is no more as peaceful as before I met that person. I feel very sad. Why? Why do these people have to exist in this world? If they have to exist, why do I have to meet them? Why don’t they meet among themselves and backstab each other? Won’t it be fun and they’ll learn from each other?

Well, when I feel like this, all I can say over and over again is I feel so sad, disappointed, annoyed, and mad. I need to get rid of this person but as I said earlier, I’m stuck. I can’t do anything right now. All I can do is just see that hypocrite face and feel that burning desire to push me down. Yes, that person doesn’t like seeing me happy. So that person just wants to see me down and sad. That person can’t do anything except to backstab me. How sneaky but alas, I knew! How did I know? Simple. You can’t cover a dead body because that smell will eventually lead people towards it.

All I hope for in a friend is honesty. It’s just hard to get this. No wonder people always say honesty is the best policy. Now I see, if you’re not befriending people because you really want to befriend them, then don’t expect that you have best friends! I don’t know why you’re like this but I really hope you will realise what you’re doing.

Deep in my heart, I think you shall never rest in peace after what you did to me. Let’s pray that God shows everything and clear my name back. My dignity has always been abused by these kinds of people who have the darkest heart, the most evil intention, and the most hypocrite face that you’ll never imagined them killing a single ant! Backstabber, just you wait, just you wait…for something will befall you, I’m sure…because the slightest evil deed will always have a repay.  Thanks for backstabbing me. I hope you’ll always have nightmares…

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