Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016): Movie Review

It has been such a long time since I wrote a movie review. Such a waste because I watched countless movies and I just didn't have time to write about it. You know, I like to write about movies that I watch. In case it is a bad movie, you don't have to waste your time or money to watch it.

Now, I would like to write about the latest movie that I just watched. Ghostbusters (2016)

For me, this movie was very fun to watch. It has a lot of jokes and the actors are funny too. For a while I forgot about my problem and loosen up a bit. If you're stressed after a day at work, you really need to watch this. Suitable for family watch.

I'm not a cinematographic person but I can say the visual effects are good.

My rating: 8.5/10

The Struggle is Real

Just as I thought I am starting a new life, again, I'm tested with something that I feel is the heaviest of all the things that I've experienced so far.

Yes dear readers. If you know me through my previous blog posts, I love making changes to my life and often, the change that I'm making is drastic, at least for people around me. As usual, they will see my action has not been given enough thoughts.

Well, of course, who wants to ruin his or her life with stupid decisions, right?

What I'm trying to say, I am making this big change after considering a lot of things and would you want to know what trouble I have created this time?


Yes. With the economic downturn, I sent my resignation letter despite the big project that I was handling, the project that would boost up my name as a textbook editor in Malaysia. When I asked for my friend's view, what does she think, should I stay and be constantly busy until September or should I just send that letter that I've already written without a date on it.

My friend's answer made me ponder hard. She said:
Who cares whose name is printed on the textbook? Only certain people will pay attention to it. Others will just ignore and use the book because it is compulsory to use that book in school.

I thought and thought. Actually I really loved the job. I was really proud with my skills and ability of being an editor. However, day by day, I also felt that my English was getting worse. I don't know if you spot any grammatical mistakes throughout this post. Maybe you'll find one or two or maybe not, I don't know.

I postponed my intention to quit because I felt responsible to help the team. There were too much on the plate and I could be a help. However, I had come to a point that I felt I couldn't do it anymore. Plus I had part time jobs which require my full attention. There, there, finally with a heavy heart, I opened the letter, wrote a date, and sent it to my manager.

Of course everyone was shocked. As I said earlier, my action was drastic to everyone but no one knew that I had been considering this for almost a year and it was time.

Not that my income from the part time jobs were higher than my editor's salary but that salary was not really high either. So my dear readers, again, I have cut down my income to half. While I was doing masters, I also quit my freelance job and my income was half too. But at that time, my commitment was not very high compared to now.

Now I have a car. With that comes petrol expenses and also the toll. Also I have 3 insurance policies, my education loan, personal loan and blah blah blah.

Well, what I can say, Man! The struggle is real!

Oh no, I'm not going to stop my insurance. The harder your life, the more policies you should have, I live by that principal. Sometimes mom would try to persuade me to find another job. Try for government agencies, they offer pension. Well, I just kept quiet.

Honestly, I don't know what I want anymore. I don't know what to do anymore. I feel blank. I feel lost. I have messed up my life. BUT what I know, I couldn't stay at the company any longer for certain reasons. AND I know I don't want to work 8-5 anymore. I just want to do business and not tied down to any stupid rules anymore.

So here I am. Sitting with loads of sigh and relief. I work freely. I decide what time I want to do my work and when I want to sleep or eat. It all depends on me, I am the boss. And that's the issue, discipline. I need to be stricter to myself but I am happy to do that. I am no longer stressed. Though life is harder now, I am happier. No more traffic jams in the mornings and evenings. No more nausea and not enough sleep.

Alhamdulillah. So far so good.

But I know, there are tests await me. Though I'm just sitting at home, not bothering anything and anyone, people are still searching for trouble with me. They're making stories which are untrue and telling the stories to people who don't even know me. They accuse me being lazy because they see my car at the porch while they do not know that I am working hard in front of my laptop.

This really broke my heart. The person that I thought I could trust with all my heart is actually a backstabber. The very same person that I thought understands how my life is, how I feel, what I do, is actually the one who is making the stories about me behind my back. Another one person that I really respected is actually the one that betrays me. Honestly I thought that person will guide me through this but now, it's all ruined. I don't know who I should trust anymore.

There has been so many times I got betrayed with people who were close to me. Do you want to know what I feel? Let me create an analogy for you because I don't want to tell the real story of mine.

Try imagine, you have a best friend. That person is really nice to you all this while. You'll be there for him/her and he/she will always be there for you. You are a hardworking person. You work till late. You don't have enough sleep because you would want to send your work before the deadline. When you've finished your work and successfully hit the deadline, you decide to rest and sleep. You do this every time you have a project. Your best friend knows about this. Your friend knows but he/she does not see you work because he/she sleeps and wakes up early. You continue doing this on and on and you're just happy with what you achieve. Then one day, you meet another friend. That friend suddenly tells you, I've heard rumours about you. What is it? I've heard that you like to sleep during the day and does not come out of the house. You only stay at home being lazy. Lazy? Yes, they say you're lazy and sleepyhead.

There, there. I'm not a good story teller but that's only a part of it. If I were to write everything, this post will be very long. So despite the financial struggle that I am having right now, I'm also having backstabbers and jealous people talking about my personal life.

I don't know what they want from me. I don't go around pissing off anybody. I just sit here and do my work. What have I done wrong? Seriously? My conclusion is: There will always be people who will disturb your life though you have done nothing.

Man, the struggle is real. If only I can kick their butts! Let's hope they have nightmares for the rest of their life.

If you're in the same shoes, yeah we cried, a lot. We cried until no more tears left. We almost kill ourselves. We hate everything because we have always been nice but why do this happen to us? Believe me friends, I believe this is only a test for us before we're given something a lot nicer and better.

Let's wipe our tears and get up. Dress up and show up. Cheers!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Masalah Jerawat di Muka?: Sincere Product Review

 AMARAN! Saya bukan jual produk kecantikan. Saje nak share pengalaman saya sendiri.

Sama macam ramai orang lain, saya salah seorang yang suka tukar2 produk kecantikan atau pembersih muka sebab nak cantik punya pasal kan hehehehe

Kadang-kadang tu baru pakai sehari dua dah expect nak ada perubahan. Memang saya jenis yang tak sabar. Kawan2 suka bebel sebab diorang cakap, pakai la sampai 2,3 bulan dulu, jangan baru pakai sebulan dah nak tukar produk. ehermn saya cuma jawab ya, ya tapi dalam diam saya tukar jugak.

Sebenarnya banyak je produk yang elok kat pasaran. Yang penting kena konsisten guna dan ada jugak produk yang ada pantang larangnya. Contoh tak boleh campur dengan produk lain, tak boleh pakai bedak. Ha, yang ni mula2 konon setuju dengan pantang larang tapi last2 saya langgar jugak. Pegi pakai bedak, pegi campur produk lain, memang habis muka. Kalau ikut kata yang jual tu, kalau tak langgar pantang, memang muka boleh jadi cantik. 

Erm rasanya saya tak dapat nak ikut pantang tu, rasa terbazir pulak beli mahal2 RM180 medium set tapi tak nak pakai dah. Baru pakai sikit, baru 2 minggu. Sape rasa nak cuba? PM saya cepat 0193663348, saya rasa nak jual balik untuk harga RM50 sekali dengan postage. Alasan sebab saya tak boleh nak ikut pantang. Rugi takde orang guna. Ni produknya, Cantiqa. Produk dia memang bagus. Kawan saya pun muka dia tak perlu pakai bedak, memang cantik.

Sebelum saya pakai Cantiqa ni, saya pakai produk Tabita. Kan feymes jugak produk ni.

Tabita ni memang best! Seminggu pakai muka dah glowing. Housemate saya pakai sampai sekarang dah tak tukar2. Masa sahur itu hari kan baru bangun tido, saya siap tanya, tido tak tanggal make up ke? Dia cakap mana ada make up. Ha nampak tak? Muka dia memang dah cantik sekarang. Cuma ada orang kata produk dia kuat sikit tapi saya rasa okey saja kalau orang yang memang ada masalah jerawat yang teruk tu nak cuba. Sebab housemate saya dulu jerawat dia besar2, sekarang dah kurang, dah tak nampak. Harga dia masa saya beli dulu RM130. Mahal sikit tapi daripada u ols duk tukar2 produk, sama juga habis duit kan.

Kalau elok kenapa saya tukar jugak produk ni? Muka saya pun jadi elok. Dah takde jerawat. Dulu selalu jugak naik jerawat. Saya tukar sebab tu memang habit saya ish ish. Saje nak cari produk yang lebih bagus and sebab kawan saya tu recommend cuba produk yg kat atas tadi.

Dulu saya jugak pernah pakai Tia Amelia. Ni lagi satu produk yang okey dan tak mahal sangat. Mula2 saya pakai, perubahan memang sangat ketara. Muka makin cerah and glowing. Cuma kadang2 berminyak sikit. Tapi kena ingat, effect pada orang lain mungkin berbeza. So kalau nak cuba pun okey jugak.

Lastly, nak dijadikan cerita, masa tu 2 hari lagi nak raya. Muka saya dah teruk sangat. Menggelupas sebab beberapa hari sebelum tu saya pakai masker. Pastu siang hari saya pakai foundation and bedak. Memang suka langgar pantang ish ish

Risau sangat2 sebab dah nak raya. Macam mana ni? Last2 adik saya recommend saya pakai Nour Ain. Mula2 macam ragu2 dan macam tak percaya. Tapi sebab nak cantik punya pasal dan saya tengok muka adik dengan mak sedara saya pun dah cantik, saya beli jugak. Mak sedara saya pun jerawat besar2, sekali jumpa dah licin. Tanya pakai apa? Pakai Nour Ain.
Alah, beli set yang ada sabun, toner, krim siang, krim malam macam yang kat atas ni. Hari tu saya dapat harga RM95 tapi rasanya kedai biasa mahal sikit. Kalau nak dapat harga murah, cuba cari kedai yang memang jual harga borong. 

Sekali saya pakai malam tu, besoknya terus hilang kesan merah macam burn kat muka saya. Wah, family pun cakap memang dah hilang. Kuat kan produk ni? Tapi dia tak rasa pedih pun macam asid. Sebab tu saya happy sangat.

Ni muka saya masa raya hari tu haha tapi ni pakai BeautyShot, macam tak aci pulak kan. Muka sebenar takdela flawless gini sangat tapi kira muka dah okey dah. Muka masa kulit rosak hari tu saya dah terdelete gambarnya. So tak dapatla nak wat testimoni hehehehe

Okay okay..ni muka takde beautyshot hehehe

So saya saja tulis post ni sebab saya tau macam mana perasaan orang yang tengah mencari-cari produk muka yang sesuai. Perasaan tension bila semua orang tegur kenapa dengan muka tu? Banyaknya jerawat. Kenapa muka burn? Kenapa muka naik jeragat? So sebab tu saya tulis review ni. Saya bukan jual produk. Kalau nak beli pegi cari kat kedai atau online ye hahaha

Cuma produk Cantiqa tu, sape rasa nak cuba, boleh pm saya. Kalau ada yang nak share experience, boleh comment di bawah. Tenkiu sebab sudi baca sampai habis :)

Nota kaki: Kalau u ols jenis yang tak suka produk2 yang jenis macam ni, lebih rasa selamat beli kat Watsons/Guardian, saya recommend BioEssence yang Bio-Gold 24k tu. Bio-Gold water/toner tu mmg mahal sikit tapi tahan lama. Dah berbulan-bulan saya pakai tapi baru separuh botol. Okey untuk kulit biasa and boleh control jerawat. Produk Hada Labo yang tulisan Jepun ke Korea tu okey jugak. Amek yang kaler biru. Good luck!

Update March 2018:
Saya baru terdedah dengan pembacaan tentang krim2 kilo ni. Ah sudah! Dah berapa banyak merkuri yang saya tempek kat muka ni. Nasib baiklah saya ni jenis yang suka tukar2 produk, so saya tak setia dengan produk2 bermekuri tu walaupun hasilnya memang superb!
Sekarang saya berbalik kepada BioEssence tapi kali ni yang kaler biru sebab kulit saya kering. So far saya pakai okey. Lagipun BioEssence ni jenis picit sikit je dah cukup untuk cuci muka. Memang jimat & berbaloi2.
Mary Kay? Pernah juga pakai. Kena consult dengan Beauty Consultant (BC) sebab depa nak tau jenis kulit muka kita. Tak boleh suka hati nak terus pakai produk yang kaler pink ke, yg dragonfruit ke. Kata BC saya, MK ni focus untuk kita dapatkan kulit yang sihat. So dia memang ambil masa sikit.  Satu tiub cleanser tu memang tahan sampai 4 bulan macam tu. So kalau harga RM75 macam tu pun masih rasa berbaloi kan? Saya ambil berperingkat. Mula2 beli cleanser. Lepas tu baru beli pelembap. Tapi biasalah, saya jenis tak setia. Dekat setahun juga saya pakai tapi saya tak berapa puas hati. So saya tukar balik. Kepada sesiapa yang nak cuba MK tu, boleh cari kat fb nama dia Nurul Afifah Hussin.
Apa pun, banyakkan baca review produk. Yang penting tak perlu obsess nak jadi putih. Bagi saya, cukup sekadar muka saya takde jerawat hehehe walaupun kadang2 masih terasa nak putih lagi tapi biar sahajalah. Terima sahaja keadaan kulit kita.

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