Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Watched Elysium and...

One day, I went to the cinema with two friends. We were in the same class during bachelor degree. After several years, only then we got the chance and time to reunite. Well, after having lunch while exchanging each other's stories, we decided to watch this movie, Elysium.

Well, actually I wanted to watch The Conjuring but there was no showing for that and other movies were not attractive enough.

While buying the tickets, the girl at the counter asked me and the other friend if we were 18 years old.
Hahahahaha we laughed our heart loud...
Do we look young, meh? miahahaha

So, then, I looked at the ticket. Why do the viewers have to be 18 years and above? I kept wondering because the synopsis was about the future, right?

Well, the movie started. It was full of actions. But I felt that the storyline wasn't strong enough and though the movie was interesting because it was certainly action-packed but..not really the best. Ah, what I'm bubbling about?

Well, throughout the movie, I kept wondering, about the 18 years old. This movie looks normal to me, I thought to myself.

Somehow, at one point, I turned to my friend just to talk to her but then I was quite shocked to see her covering her face. I asked, why? There's nothing scary. This is not a horror movie. I laughed.

Then, after the movie ended, we walked out. Then I told another friend that this friend was covering her face.
She said, hey, it was scary! Didn't you see how they plugged the equipment into his body and his brain? And how the enemy killed people...and blood everywhere blablabla

Errrr...speechless I was. I smiled sheepishly.
Was it that scary? I didn't feel anything.

Okay, psychiatrist please...hahahahahaha

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Random Words

You were the first person I liked
Seeing you smiling bright
I could see the tip of light
Which I hoped it was alright
To forget every fright
And carry on with a heart feeling light

Somehow the person that once I liked
Snatched away the light

Left me thinking every night
What did I do so wrong I cried
To be in such a fight
That I didn't even know which side was right

Then I knew I was right
And I knew you were on which side
God knew I have a pride
That was why He put me in such a fight
So that I knew which light was right
And to carry on with the path on the other side
Which I left without fright
It happened to be so wide
Thank God for showing me the light

-Aziemah Gekozen, 2013-

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