Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Destination

I was on my way from i-have-nothing station
to the happiness-should-be-there station
with a heavy load of prospective-prosperity.
Owh, i was walking on my own feet you know.

Then, suddenly,
the wind of problems blew so hard
that i almost fell!
but i still continued my journey
with a heavy sigh added to my luggage

Not enough of that,
suddenly the road that i was walking on
turned into disappointment ground...
the ground got deeper and deeper
that i almost lost the light of hope!

as I was walking, still
I almost ran out the air of life
as the air of sadness almost drowned me...

My thirst for support and love suddenly grew deeper

My load of prospective-prosperity became heavier
that I almost threw it into
the ravine of give-ups

But still,
I held it and tied it tightly
with a determination-rope


I saw the light of hope again...
I almost got into it but
it seemed quite further away from me...

I knew,
the light would lead me to the happiness-should-be-there station
So, I just needed to catch up on
the bus of do-not-be-sad-anymore...

And I just needed to pay the fee with
a smile...

Just to go to my destination

-Aziemah Gekozen-

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aku Tak Tanya Pun!

Kali nie aku nak tulis pasal sesuatu yang agak memalukan tapi boleh bagi pengajaran pada diri aku sendiri dan jugak orang lain...huhu

kenapa aku letak tajuk macam tue? kahkahkah...sebab aku pernah kena macam tue. yerlah, aku nie kan peramah. semua benda aku nak cakap. semua benda aku nak cerita. sampaikan adalah sorang hamba allah nie yang bagitau aku, aku tak tanya pun!, secara tak langsung la...hahaha...

bila aku dengar frasa yang agak jujur tue, barulah aku sedar (tapi sebenarnya dah lama sedar, cuma tak nak berubah jer...) yang aku nie memang banyak cakap benda yang tak patut cakap pun. maknanya, kalau aku tak explain pun, takpe...

huhu...tapi itulah aku. aku suka bagi penerangan banyak2 sebab aku takut orang salah faham atau salah anggap dengan aku. aku pun tak tau kenapa aku jadi macam nie...tapi itulah aku. aku mintak maaflah pada sesiapa yang selama nie terpaksa dengar cerita aku...aku akan cuba untuk tahan diri dari cakap banyak lagi huhu (cuba, tatau la berkesan ke tak hahaha)...tengok, kan aku dah explain lagi dalam bracket...adoyai...

aku tak tanya pun! memang bagus kita cakap, sama ada secara langsung atau tak langsung atau dalam hati, BILA KENA PADA TEMPATNYA, ok? dalam kes aku nie, memang kena la HAHAHA...tapi alang2 aku tulis pasal nie, aku nak tambah sikit laaa...

in case, kalau ada orang tiba-tiba bercerita atau explain giler2 pasal sesuatu yang boleh bagi pengetahuan pada kita, adakah patut kita kata dalam hati, aku tak tanya pun? rasanya tak patut kan? sebab apa? SEBAB........

kau tau ke apa yang kau nak tanya? kau cakap aku tak tanya pun sebab kau tak pernah tau pasal benda tue. sebab tulah orang nak bagitau, semata-mata nak berkongsi ilmu...sorrylah ayat kasar sikit...hehehe...bukan maksudkan anda yer...sorry...

sebenarnya inilah yang kita takutkan. ada 3 golongan yang pernah disebut...tapi x ingat semuala...cuma ingat yang satu nie je: golongan yang TAK TAHU apa yang dia PATUT TAHU...sebab tue lah die tak pernah tanya...sebab dia tak tau pun benda tue wujud n dia patut ambik tau. janganlah kita tergolong dalam golongan ini....

renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal...^___^

Monday, February 7, 2011

Historical City of Malacca - Epic Moments

It had been long since last I went to Malacca. When I was 7 years old! And now, it had been almost 15 years since Malacca had been developed into a more attractive place. I wanted to go there very badly when my family, excluding me, went to Malacca last year. I couldn't follow them because I had something to settle at home...huhu

Yep...was really sad but there was nothing i could do. Plus, I'm a big sister. So, I have to take over some responsibilities when my mom went 'outstation' hehehe...

Well, FINALLY! I did have the opportunity to go there with 3 other girl-friends on a very fine Friday morning! Our journey started in Shah Alam and to go to Malacca, we moved as early as 6.30 a.m.! BUT we didn't mind because we were...ops, I WAS EXCITED! hahahaha...

Arrived there at about 9 a.m. Two other friends had another work to do. So, we got separated. 2 by 2 went on different ways. Firstly, I was quite happy because there were not too many people there as it was still very early in the morning. So, we happily snap some shots....

-In front of Laksamana Cheng Ho Museum-

Guess what? Laksamana Cheng Ho's height was about 6 ft!

-The Dutch windmill-

Then, we started to walk around in the search of the famous architecture shown in History textbook. Well, I couldn't remember this place exactly and we had trouble to find our way BUT we managed to arrive in no time...

-This is the famous gate left-

-Upper hill shot-

-I was amazed seeing the old wall hahaha-

-My career as a one-day-model just started-

-One of the cannons exhibited there-

-Malacca is developed very well-

-I don't have breakfast yet. Is there any restaurant?-

-We found this bas-relief on our way to search for food-

-Looking real...-

-There's more inside the mall!-

-This time it is surrounded by a clear pool-

-That is an illustration when Parameswara saw a mouse deer kicking his dogs-

-Just posing-

-We wanted to go to Ship Museum but we didn't know where. SO, we decided to rent a trishaw-

Trishaws there played songs very loudly and for me it was very unique because the environment became cheerful with all varieties of songs played by them. And our trishaw played a Hindustan song and it really felt we were in a Hindustan movie while sitting on it...hahaha

-Among the ship models-

-The entrance-

This place was very near from the place we took the trishaw. hahaha...what a funny thing we did...felt our money wasted but then, actually it was worth it...

-Let's sail, yeehaa!-

-Oh, Hang Tuah! It has been long since we met...-

-What's that? Watermill? Guess so...-

This time, tired already because we had been walking and walking, and snatching pictures... My camera ran out of battery already...Luckily my friend got a phone that can snatch pictures...

-Modeling isn't my career path haha-

-Nice background-

-The street was getting busy and crowded when it was afternoon.-

Felt that nothing left to do anymore...but then, we decided to go on a cruise boat. It was only RM10! Just pay for the experience, buddy!

-Cruise boat! Satisfied!-

After that, we could see that there were so many places that we didn't explore yet! The places that we saw while cruising on the boat! We decided to continue our journey by walking alongside the river!

-A house beside the river.-

-Walking beside the water was very calming...-

-I love it here! Nice view...-

There were many beautiful bridges built there...amazed to see them.

-One of the beautiful bridges-

One more thing that really attracted my attention was that there were so many illustrations and paintings on the wall of the buildings alongside the river! Beautiful!

-Nice illustration on the wall-

-This one really startled me! Looking so real!-

-And another one...magnificent!-

-Running running as fast as we can...-

Finally, late in the evening, it was my friend's turn to run out of battery. So, we stopped snatching pictures and made our way home. We met the other 2 girls and we had dinner. Arrived back at Shah Alam by 12 a.m. Traffic jam...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Once Upon a Time on Genting Highland

It had been such a long time since I dreamed of going to this place called Genting Highland. And, it had also been long since I planned with friends to go there BUT still we failed to do that. There had been many excuses I heard when we were planning and because of that, still, I did not have the opportunity to feel the air there, even after my CONVOCATION!

However, one day, thank God, FINALLY... I really had the opportunity to go there! And this time, without any further planning...anymore! Thanks to miss Najah, once again...because of her, Genting Highland has become real for me!

I was really EXCITED to go to this highland although there were only two of us, me and Najah! What can I say, hehehe... Well, we could not wait for others anymore because of what we had faced before. So, we decided to just GO and HAVE FUN! Plus, we went on Tuesday which was not convenient for others to follow us.

I was quite surprised upon arriving there BECAUSE the weather was quite COLD. But, I thought maybe it was normal because it was still early in the morning. We arrived there by 9.30 a.m. So, we just waited for the outdoor entrance to open at 10 a.m. and we just walked around searching for rides that were available. As you can see, there was thick FOG around in the pictures.

Felt like I was in another fantasy world called ALICE IN WONDERLAND! hehehe... The weather was classified as bad weather. Thus, all rides that were regarded as risky were not open at all BECAUSE it might be dangerous for the riders, you know.

We thought maybe by noon, the sun will rise and shine... BUT the reverse happened! The weather was getting worse and there were only very few rides open and we got bored. Plus, we were VERY COLD and hungry all the time even we ate a lot!

So, we decided to just WALK around the place and we found DINOSAURLAND.

-This is the entrance to Dinosaurland-

-It was really COLD but still I acted as if nothing happened-

-Can you see the FREEZING COLD wind blowing??-

-I had never felt such this COLD weather before... that my hands and feet became numb-

-There was no use of waiting for rides especially Roller Coaster to open, anymore, because the weather did not change-

-This bus was like showing to me how would it feel if you were in London-

-We ate 5 times on that highland only because we needed energy to heat ourselves-

-There was nothing to do except looking at the hibernating ride-

-I'm telling you, the food there was super expensive BUT still we needed it especially HOT FOOD!-

-Look behind me, the fog never left us!-

-This is called Flying Jumbo and we rode on it 4 times! hahahaha...-

-This chair will spin you high above the roof and will make you feel throwing up-

Only after riding this Pirate Ship that was opened at 4.30 p.m., then, we knew we would shiver badly because the weather was so COLD. So, we knew the situation would be WORSE if other rides like Roller Coaster were open.

-I enjoyed meeting Dinosaurs on the "Land that Time Forgot"-

-The scenery back there was just like a large beautiful painting and BELIEVE ME, it was freezing COLD that I believe the temperature was about 10 degree Celcius!-

Although there were MANY rides closed, I really enjoyed my time there BECAUSE at least, I finally went to this place called Genting Highland and I could also experience such weather which of course, I do not know when will I ever encounter it again unless I go to overseas...

Note: You can view each picture larger by clicking on it...
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