Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is Me...

This is me...haha.. do you want to know who am I? OK, I'll tell you the truth.

First of all, I was born in the Snake year (according to Chinese calendar)...so you should not be surprised to see me having TWO TOUNGE. Oh, are you surprised? Very unfortunate because you have to believe me...you have to know that I've been twisting with my words all my life! Believe it or not? I advise you to believe it! Yeah, I'm the most hypocrite person you had ever met in the world! hahha... and I'm very proud of it! Hahaha...LOL (can you see me laughing proudly?)

Next, want to know more about me? OK, another true fact about me...I'm the craziest person you had ever met. I'll tell you when I'm not satisfied with you. I tell you straight on your face when I hate you! Don't believe me? Better you do because I really had done it! Crazy! Yeah! Because I'm the craziest person that you had ever met in your life!

I really don't care what do you feel! I'm not the type that will ask, "Oh, are you offended? I'm so sorry..." (with a pity face) Hey! I'm not that type of person! It makes me sick! S.O.R.R.Y is the word that I hated the most! Why? Because I'm crazy! Don't you get it? This is me!

Hey, hey, don't go away...read through my crazy writing hahaha I'm the girl who has a lot of intrapersonal crisis...problems..insecurity! and all of those DAMN things I called my 'thoughts'!!!! Why? Because I'm a snake, remember? Twisted tongue, hello...please remember, ok?

Everything I said before this and now, do not necessarily TRUE! I've always many opinions that are contrasting to each other! So please don't be surprised when I say something that is different, completely, totally different from before! And why? Why I did that??? Ah...I feel that I don't want to back up myself because you already know who am I...right? the answer is C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey people! I have my education! I learned not only the world knowledge but also the religious knowledge. I know, FOR EVERY THING I DID HAS ITS OWN CONSEQUENCE! I know the presence of HELL and HEAVEN! I have a faith in the God that we call Allah! I believe in the prophet that we call Muhammad...So...do you think whatever I did was on purpose to hurt everyone around me? Was that what you think? Huh?

Hey people! Come on! I would only be CRAZY when you are yourselves are CRAZY, I only twisted my words only when you twisted your own words! So, why would I do that to nice people???? why? I only did that to people who criticise the DAMN things that they DO on their OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STUPID! I'm stupid to befriend with people like this! I'm not saying you are stupid, I'm saying I AM STUPID!! bECAUSE tHIS iS mE!
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