Thursday, February 21, 2013

Been in a good mood lately when suddenly...


i've been in such a good mood lately. i've been so happy with my life.

well, let's not say happy but my life has been smooth and calm.

i've been in hibernating mode for quite a long time. by stating 'hibernating', i mean i haven't gone mad for quite a long time. well, what a record for me!


i've been well, when suddenly...aahh, something disturbs my peace of life!

just imagine, it's like you're sleeping peacefully and some bugs come and disturb your beautiful sleep. how do you feel? you feel like burning the place down, right?

whatever it is, i hope i've grown up and can hold my anger in a more mature way. well, let's hope i don't run amok anymore...which i hate and love too!
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