Sunday, December 30, 2012

I’m starting a new life :)

Yes, my dear readers! We meet again after a very long time! (The usual starter for bloggers hahaha)

I had so much to write but I didn’t really have time to write because I’M STARTING A NEW LIFE!

Hehehe…finally! I’ve started making a change in my life. Actually, I started to apply for jobs in the last 2 months and I didn’t expect that I would be called for interviews!

Well, I went to ONLY two interviews. But it seemed to me was the necessary thing to do because I’m the type who choose my job. I don’t care if people say I’m too choosy because I KNOW what I WANT and what I DO. I’m pretty confident that I’m not the same as what people reported in the newspaper where graduates remain unemployed because they are too choosy.

Speaking about being CHOOSY, you have to be smart, you know. We don’t choose and let go blindly. I hope you, my dear readers, understand what I’m talking about because I’ve known several people who did not choose carefully ended up devastated. Well, let’s hope that they will find the correct path.

By the way, back to my story. I’m so fond of the position as an editor. So, I only searched for that position particularly and not many were advertised. So, I applied for several but only called for two interviews. The others contacted me but they couldn’t seem to understand why I’d been working only part-time and maybe because of my decision to quit my study gave them an impression that I’m a QUITTER. Well, let them think what they want because I know exactly what I’m doing. Let’s be positive, right?

The first company that I went for the interview was one of the companies that I had worked for part-time. I applied for the same position in 2010 but then they asked if I wanted to work in Johor. Being a 21 year-old graduate, I was too scared to work there because Johor was, and still is, one of the states in Peninsula that I haven’t been to. So, I refused it but I accepted several translation jobs after that. So, when I went for the interview last month, the person interviewing me remembered me particularly hehehehe. This time, I don’t mind anymore if they want to send me to Johor. So, during the interview, there was a written test and interview sessions.

The second company that I went for interview was also one of the companies I did part-time jobs. That company particularly translated the subtitles of Korean dramas/movies/variety shows. Interesting right? As a K-Pop lover, of course this company is a dream for me because while working, I can watch the shows I’m working on. Plus, I had been working part-time for that company for a year. So, once again, the interviewer who is a Korean woman recognised me and my work. It was a good sign, I think, if the interviewer knew you and she also praised me for my work before. I really wanted to work there because it is located in KL. The transportation is easy for someone who doesn’t have a car like me and the salary is quite good.

BUT, I slipped my tongue huhu. I told them that I went for another interview. I slipped it, oh uh. It couldn’t be helped but they started to make me comparing between the first company and their company. Of course, I said their company is better than the other one and I would be very happy to work for them. Well, maybe it was fated that I didn’t get the job when I contacted them a week after that. One of the reasons maybe because I slipped my tongue. And the other one, maybe because I don’t have any transport. That company works on a deadline basis. So, if I had to go home late, it would be hard for me. So, I took the positive side. God knows what is better for me.

So, I got the job at the first company. Luckily, I’m not sent to Johor but here I am, still in Selangor. Still not far to go back to my hometown hehe. And now I’m staying near to my younger sister. Though the salary they offer to me is much, much lower than the second company, I think maybe this is the best place for me to gather as much as experience I can in editing field. Plus, here I’m editing for English books. At the other company, I’ll be editing Malay subtitles which is not very good for my vocabulary development.

So, I believe that maybe God has better plans for me. Sometimes, what we want is not necessarily what is best for us, right?

Oh, I’m staying at the company’s hostel. Well, very good because I don’t really have much money right now. And I haven’t let go my rental house in Shah Alam because I’ve so many stuffs and I don’t know where to put them huhuhu.

Every morning, I will walk with another two Chinese girls to our office. The walk took us almost 30 minutes huwaaa. At first, I wasn’t happy because I was tired. But then, after the first day at work, I think the walk is very necessary because I only sit at the office for the whole day, with the air-cond and without the sunlight. If I don’t walk, maybe I will develop more fat in my body and I might have a heart-attack if I don’t exercise, right? So, I began to like walking to our office but then, it is quite dangerous because we have to walk past several factories where of course, there are many immigrants working there too. I hope, everything is okay. I hope they are nice guys and won’t disturb us, Amin.

It’s only been three days at work, but I’ve started to like the office and my office-mates. Though, they said I’m such a quiet person, I will try to mingle with them more. Yes, I’m a very shy person hehehe but once you know me, you will know how noisy and nosy I am opss :)

I will wait patiently for another three or six months to buy a car. I really want to drive because it will be safer and easier for me to go eat huhu. Now, I’m under probation period for 6 months. You know, this is a trial period where they want to see how I perform. If I didn’t perform well, I might have to go for another 6-month probation period. Then, I might be permanent or terminated. All depends on my performance. Well, I think this is what happens in a private-owned company. Everything is about performance.

I hope I will perform well because I plan to stay here for several years before I continue my study again. Being an editor is not just about editing. I will have to liaise with writers, designers, illustrators and my superior. And also, I will have to suggest the concept of the book I’m working on. Wow! To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect all those things. I only thought I only have to sit and edit the language (though I think I’m not very excellent in English language yet) huhu.

For the time being, I’m editing a MUET book. It feels like I’m studying for a MUET paper hehehe because every day, I read and read and edit. My attention is easily disturbed by the surroundings but I’ll try to adapt. Plus, I have a deadline to catch! huwaaa…oh, my superior seems quite a strict woman. It seems that I’m seeing a duplicate of my lecturer hehehe. But it’s okay, I know that I can’t work under loose supervision.

Yeah, please pray for my success! For now I’m starting a new life! Oh, I think so far I’m the youngest in my department…

Ah, it was quite hard for my mom to let me go because I had been helping her at home for several months hehehe but I said I need to work to earn some money, right?

p/s: I haven’t informed my lecturers and MARA about this huhu I’m pretty sure that they will be disappointed when they knew this ~.~”

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Change...


Do you remember I've been talking about making changes in my previous posts? If you haven't read it, here are the links:

Change for the better
It's not easy

Well, if you have been following my blog closely, you will be able to guess what change that I want to make.

Hurmn, I think it is time to reveal about it. Though it is not official yet, I'm announcing that I want to quit my study! Yeah, I'm quitting! That's the change I'm talking about!

After a thorough process of thinking and deliberating with people around me, I've decided to quit. I want to change for the better.

You know, it's not easy for me to make this decision.

Why? Because I've spent almost 2 years of my life for this research. I've been working hard to get a fund for my study. I've been doing several part time jobs just to support my life and study.

BUT...I just can't go on anymore. No, I'm not blaming anyone else. All I should blame is myself because I can't be disciplined enough to carry on with my research.

YES. I have passed my second defence of research proposal. Everyone is saying to me, "Why not just carry on? You have passed it. You just have to do it a little more. Your 2 years will be wasted."

Yeah, A LITTLE MORE they said. Truth is, the proposal is only 30% of the entire research process AND I just took 70% of the actual time to finish it.

When there is a will, there is a way. But now, I don't have the will anymore. It is POSSIBLE for me to do the rest 70% within that 30% of time. But, we can only PLAN, dear. We can only plan...

Let me tell you something. At the early stage, I planned to finish within 1 year and a half. If possible, I even wanted to finish within 1 year but the system won't allow it. So, I made the plan. I drew a Gantt chart and showed to my supervisor. But, things just happen you know.

We were told that we were only allowed to do our presentations during the second semester. And what happened? I did my presentation ONE YEAR from the registration date and I failed. Just imagine, how disappointed I was. I was so depressed that my intention to quit started to emerge but I carried on. I consoled myself and started writing again.

However, I only did my second presentation FIVE MONTHS later. It wasn't anyone's fault. Not me nor the system. My friends and I were supposed to defend only three months after the first but nothing happened.

Well, after my second presentation, I went home because my grandpa was severely ill. I was at home for two months taking care of my family. I wrote about it.

Cerita Sebelum Raya

During that time, I keep contacting my friends asking if the result was out. I eagerly wanted to know if I had passed the evaluation but it was nothing. For two months, there was silence. And then I heard the system just started a meeting for it after that two months.

Even so, after the meeting, NO ONE contacted me to give the full result. For my first defence, a staff sent an email to me and gave me an official letter. But this time, there was nothing. Someone accused me for not having self-initiative to look for the staff and ask about it.

Yeah, that person said it because she didn't know that I had been asking my friends, and my friends had been asking the very same staff about the result, and the staff didn't know anything. At the end of the day, the staff didn't contact anyone of us to collect the result when it was out.

Enough! I have had enough of this bureaucracy system! All the systematic process just eats out my time and wastes it. I just can't see a brighter future anymore. I don't see why I should continue on. I just see another wasting of time and another hard-to-handle system.

I really wanted to say every little thing in my head relating to this but I need to keep it because it involves other people.

If only I could vent out everything here...

By the way, my supervisor hasn't known this yet. Somehow, I'm quite scared to inform her about this. huhu

Thursday, October 18, 2012

SAYS-Malaysia's Social News Network

Pernah dengar tentang website

Dulu, aku selalu nampak blogger promote website ni kat blog diorang. Diorang duk beria ajak orang join tapi aku tak tau langsung benda ni apa. 

Mula-mula, aku malas nak ambik tau sebab aku rasa dia macam Nuffnang, kita letak iklan, pastu dapat duit untuk setiap klik yang orang tekan. Dulu aku ada, tapi aku rasa macam takkan ada untung pun sebab bukan senang nak mintak orang tekan iklan, kan?

Akhirnya, satu hari tu, aku tergerak hati untuk tengok website ni lepas ada orang promote kat satu group di Facebook.

Oooo...ya, memang betul! Dia macam nuffnang jugak. Dapat duit untuk setiap klik yang orang tekan. Tapi dia ni LAIN sikit. Lain macam mana?

Kita tak perlu letak iklan kat blog. Memang baguslah untuk blogger yang tak ramai follower macam aku ni. 

Kita boleh PILIH iklan yang kita nak letak. Yang kita rasa akan ada orang berminat nak tengok.

Kemudian, kita boleh SHARE di Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, dan LinkedIn!

Lagi senang dan mudah kan? Kita dapat direct audience! Nak tunggu orang buka blog, lambat jugak kan?

Lagi satu, bila kita daftar ni, kita terus dapat kredit RM5! Memang best aaa! Kita boleh cash out duit bila dah cukup RM50.

Memang senang. Mudah nak dapat duit. Sambil2 buka FB atau Twitter, sambil2 tu boleh beriklan dan dapat DUIT!

Jom daftar sekarang! Tak rugi pun, dapat duit lagi ada lah!

Tekan logo di bawah untuk mendaftar dan kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut, boleh baca kat website tu.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Movie Review: The Expendables 2

Honestly, I don't really like action movies. I don't prefer it at all.

But I've got friends, girl friends, who are really into action movies. So, sometimes when we hop into a cinema, I've to respect their preferences too.

So, one day, two friends and I went to a cinema. I wanted to watch a horror story. There were two choices, and one was from Thailand! Of course, Thailand's horror stories are usually very interesting (at least for me). But, after some time of deliberation, the two decided on The Expendables 2.

2? When was the first? But I just agreed.

This movie, from the first minute...its action had already started!

Everything was so noisy as they were in a war/fight, I didn't know...but it was full of actions! Okay, it captured my attention.

But, I just didn't like someone's conversation on "the hadjis", about how could they've killed innocent people. These "innocent people" was meant the "US army". What the hell?

Oh, come on! Who attacked whom first? And now they are talking like that? Bull****!

I began to feel regret paying for such a movie. I, as always, don't like movies which have racism or religion issues.

As I was burning in my heart alone, luckily that kind of conversation didn't drag along.

After that, it was full of actions, and actions, and actions until I didn't realise it came to the end.

In conclusion, this movie is GREAT for those who really love ACTION movies!

Ratings: 7/10

p/s: the first one was in 2010

Movie Review?? Dah lama x tulis...

huhu baru perasan, rupanya dah lama aku tak tulis review untuk movies kan?

Maklumlah, terlampau banyak sangat tengok movies sampai x sempat nak wat review. Kalo wat, confirm banyak jer posts hahaha

Nak wat review movie apa yer?? hurmn...

Lagipun sekarang aku tengah fokus nak habiskan Running Man. Sekarang dah episod 100 lebih tapi aku baru tengok episod 60 lebih hahaha

Maklumlah, masa orang duk sibuk tengok Running Man, aku tengah sibuk dengan proposal.

Tengoklah, nanti aku update review pasal movie mana2 yang aku rasa nak wat.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Not Easy

It really is!

It was not as easy as I had expected. It is not that easy to go through the change that I was talking about.

In fact, I'm still in the process to do the changes!

huhuhu I received objections from various parties once I spoke my heart out loud. Everyone did not agree with my sudden move. Well, actually it wasn't so sudden because I had been thinking for several months already! Just that, they were surprised because they had not heard any complaints from me.

Honestly, I cried. I was so depressed over this decision.

It is very hurtful for me too but I really need this. It is not easy for me too but trust me, everything happens for a reason.

I really hope that everything will be smooth for me and I can get away from this soon.
so that I can tell you what's really going on hehehe

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cerita sebelum raya

Apa ke halnya nak cerita sebelum raya nih? Orang lain dah sibuk letak gambar raya. hahahaha. Sorry lah sebab sebelum ni memang tak sempat nak menulis. Kenapa? Ni nak cerita la ni hehehehe

Nak dijadikan cerita, sebaik sahaja tamat Defence of Proposal-Kali Kedua hari tu, aku terus buat keputusan nak balik rumah. Aku dah penat memerah otak untuk benda ni. Lagipun sebenarnya hati tak tenang sebab atuk aku sakit teruk kat kampung.

Sebenarnya, dah dekat dua bulan dia sakit. Biasalah, sakit orang tua. Umur pun dah 70 tahun. Tapi, sakit dia kali ni agak berat sebab dia tak lalu nak makan. Bayangkan, selama sebulan tu, dia memang tak makan. Dia cuma bertahan dengan susu. Lepas tu, nenek aku akan masak bubur nasi, blender nasi tu, dan dia akan hisap dengan straw. Itu je makanan dia hari-hari. Disebabkan dia tak makan, dia takde tenaga untuk bangun. Kira macam terlantar la kan.

So, aku cepat2 nak balik tengok keadaan dia macam mana. Masa aku sampai, memang terkejut tengok dia. Kurus kering dan pucat. Tak pernah aku tengok dia sakit macam tu sekali. Dulu masa dia masuk ICU pun, tak nampak teruk macam tu. Memang jelas nampak tulang, macam dah tak ada isi. huhu

Lagi satu, aku beria-ia sangat nak balik sebab takde orang muda kat rumah yang boleh tolong jaga atuk dan nenek aku. Semua orang kerja dan belajar. So, tinggal aku sorang aje lah yang macam available. Sebab atuk aku dah lama sakit, lama-lama nenek aku pun semakin tak sihat. Ya lah, dia sorang jer yang jaga atuk. Malam2 yang bangun urut atuk aku, dialah.

Atuk aku ada jugak penyakit lelah. Kadang2, waktu malam dia tak dapat nak tidur. Kadang2 dia sesak nafas. Lepas urut belakang, barulah lega. Disebabkan tak cukup rehat, nenek aku pun hampir2 jatuh sakit.

Erm, aku takdela cakap balik nak jaga atuk dan nenek sebab sebenarnya aku tak pandai jaga orang sakit. Aku cuma boleh tolong bawak diorang pegi klinik, beli makanan, bawak nenek pergi beli sayur dan lauk mentah. Macam tu je lah. hehe

Nak dijadikan cerita, seminggu sebelum puasa, atuk aku masuk hospital untuk kali ke-3. Kata doktor, atuk aku dah lemah sangat. Darah dia pun tak macam orang normal dah. Sebab dia makan ubat tapi tak makan makanan lain. So, ada penyakit lain datang iaitu banyak garam dalam darah. Tapi, sebenarnya lepas 4 hari duduk hospital baru doktor dapat kesan penyakit atuk aku tu.

Kesian jugak kat nenek aku sebab dah 4 hari tidur kat hospital. Aku pulak, hari2 ulang-alik pergi sana. Belikan makanan, bawak baju bersih, ambik baju kotor. Itu je lah yang aku mampu buat. Nak tidur kat hospital, takkanlah anak dara nak duduk kat wad lelaki. Tak eloklah.

Kebetulan pulak adik bongsu aku pun demam. Mak aku pulak kena ikut lawatan sekolah sebab dia kena bawak budak. Terasa macam tak cukup kaki tangan. Eh, aku tulis ni bukannya nak mengeluh ke apa, cuma nak menceritakan pengalaman yang aku lalui. Cuma nak berkongsi, ok?

Lepas doktor kesan penyakit tu, diorang pun cuba lah cuci darah atuk aku. Tapi lepas 2 hari, takde perubahan. Atuk aku terus dihantar ke hospital Kota Bharu. Sebelum tu, di hospital Besut. Dia dihantar sehari sebelum puasa. Kebetulan, nenek aku dah tak larat sangat. So, dia tukar giliran dengan mak aku. Mak aku pun ikut sekali naik ambulans pergi hospital tu dan bermalam di sana.

Dua malam mak aku kat sana. So, sahur hari pertama, aku dengan adik2 kat rumah dan mak aku kat hospital. Agak sedih sebab mak aku tak sahur sekali kat rumah. Orang lain kata, "Ala relakslah, bukannya apa2 pun. Orang lain lagilah, tak balik kampung, duduk kat perantauan, okey jer." Ya lah kan tapi sebenarnya aku sedih sebab aku dah ada kat rumah tapi tak dapat sahur sekali jugak. Itulah, kadang2 aku ni sentimental terlebih sikit. Nak buat macam mana huhu

Ditakdirkan, lepas dihantar ke sana, akhirnya atuk aku dibenarkan keluar. Fuh..seminggu jugak duduk hospital. Harap2 lepas ni dia sihatlah. Slowly, atuk aku pun semakin pulih. Tapi lama jugak dia nak sihat balik. Ya lah, dah hampir 2 bulan sakit, dah kurus kering, perlukan masa untuk pulihkan semangat dia balik.

Ditakdirkan, dekat2 hari raya, dia dah okey. Selera makan pun dah kembali. Cuma banyak benda yang dia mengidam. Paling dia suka makan masa bulan puasa hari tu adalah siput sedut.

Masa hari raya pertama, tersangatlah ramai orang datang melawat sebab diorang tau atuk aku sakit. Memang tak menang tangan. Rasa macam buat kenduri pun ada hehehe..

Syukurlah atuk aku dah sihat. Dua hari lepas dia dah buka kedai balik setelah 2 bulan tak berniaga. Semalam dia dah start drive balik. Walaupun aku agak ragu2 nak bagi kunci kereta (padahal tu kereta dia hehehe), tapi aku bagi jer lah. Senang dia nak pegi kedai.

So, itu ajerlah cerita aku sebelum raya.

Ramai kawan2 jeles sebab diorang kata aku cuti lama. Lebih sebulan duduk kat rumah. Tapi diorang tak tau, hari2 aku sibuk ke sana ke mari. Tapi takpelah, takkan nak cerita kat semua orang kan? Sekarang atuk aku dah sihat, baru aku cerita hehehe

So, sebab dia dah sihat, aku dah boleh balik Shah Alam balik. Tapi apa pulak yang menanti kat sana? huwaaa...tak nak balik sana boleh tak? Duduk kampung lagi best! Paling tak tahan kat sana adalah cuaca yang panas. Redha ajerlah huhu

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Change for the better

I've always wanted a challenging life. When I say challenging, it's in a positive way, not negative. Well, you can say that I'm a psychotic or what, but actually, I love leading a busy life. Honestly, I don't like it when I don't have anything to do or if my life is in slow-pace mode.

I really like fast-paced life. I don't know why. Maybe because this kind of life makes me more disciplined, time conscious, and blah blah blah. hahahaha....let me go straight to the point.

Actually, I feel like my life in these recent 2 years has been a bit boring. Yes, it is challenging but only academically. And I'm supposed to be busy reading and writing and researching but I'm not! Somehow, day by day, I'm getting bored and my motivation has declined.

Then, I thought to myself. "Maybe it's time for a change!"

"Change for the better, Aziemah!"

There, I remembered what that person told me. But I was too afraid to do the changes. Because the changes that I wanted were beyond my imagination. hurmn

I remembered when I was in form 1. I was admitted to a semi-boarding school. That school was a famous school in my province. It can be said that everyone in my class of standard 6 wanted to go there. So, I was a successful candidate and there I registered for the school.

That was my first time staying at a hostel, away from home. The distance was only half an hour but I had to stay at the hostel because no one would be sending me to the school. However, on the first day I already had headache and fever. Then, I was too weak that I didn't tidy up my bed. As a result, I was scolded by a senior. She didn't know that I was weak. Being a twelve-year old, I could only cry after that.

Day by day, I got stressed out when there was always no water at the hostel and I got a rash skin. I was also stressed with seniors who thought they were the best at everything. whatever. If only I could shout at them, "Don't think you're such a goddess!"

Then, my health began to deteriorate. It was so bad. For countless times, I asked my mom to transfer me to another school but she refused. I had to stay. Though the hostel was bad, the school was excellent. I loved the school and the teachers so much but I just couldn't bear with the hostel. Every week I would have fever or headaches.

One weekend, I was sleeping because I was having fever. Then, my mom came visiting me. She asked:

"Do you really want to go away from here? Won't you feel any regret later?"

"Yes! Definitely yes!"

I didn't have to say more. My situation just proved that I really wanted to go away. That very week, I was transferred to a normal school near my house. I was placed in the second class, but I didn't mind because students in the first class must stay at the hostel. At that time, I was so phobic to staying at hostel. urgh!

Although my new school was not a semi-boarding school, I was so happy there. I could study peacefully and not having rash anymore. I also became top students there.

See, sometimes we have to change for the better. Sometimes, what we think is good for us may not necessarily be good to us. We just have to experiment it. If the change is a failure, it's okay. We can always go for the next plan. What's important is we have to get out from our comfortable zone!

Very well.

Actually, I'm considering of a big change ahead. I don't know if I can make it as I made it during my secondary school, but I just think that I need this, even though it may risk something that is worth my time and every penny that I spent.

I've been thinking for almost 6 months and now, I'm so determined to carry out my plan. I just hope everything will go smoothly and no regrets ahead.

What change is it? I will tell you when I have succeeded. For now, I'd better remain silent.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Defence of Proposal-Kali Kedua!

Fuh! Lega rasanya!

Dalam malas2 aku, dalam menghadapi masalah2 dalaman, berjaya jugak aku siapkan proposal sehari sebelum present!

Gila ke tak gila aku ni? Orang lain dah seminggu berlatih untuk present tapi aku baru siap tulis? Sehari sebelum present pulak tu!

Dan nak dijadikan cerita, dah tentulah semalaman aku menulis. Jadi, lepas siap aku tido la seharian hahaha...

Malam tu baru start buat slides! Bayangkan, pukul 3 pagi baru siap slides! Nak present pukul 8 pagi!

Haih, memang dahsyat la kali ni! Present ni bukan sekadar present, tapi kita kena pertahankan proposal yang kita buat tu. Sebab tu nama dia defence of proposal!

Malam tu memang aku berserah habislah...Dahlah ada beberapa masalah yang tak dapat dielakkan.

Pertama sekali, supervisor aku memang sibuk seminggu tu. So, apa2 yang aku dah tulis, aku tak dapat jumpa dan bincang dengan dia. Semua urusan consultation hanya melalui e-mel. Huwarghh, memang sangat berbahaya untuk aku!

Satu lagi masalah, laptop aku takde microsoft power point! Cisss, memang windows starter sangatlah tak best sebab dia tak masukkan power point dalam pakej dia! Nak tak nak terpaksalah pinjam laptop kawan untuk buat slides huhuhu....

Lepas siap slides, memang penat dan mengantuk, tapi sebab terlampau nervous, aku tak dapat tido. Aku rehat jap, sediakan baju, beg untuk keluar esok. Dalam 4.30 pagi baru start berlatih present. Tau2 dah subuh. Dalam pukul 7 pagi dah start bersiap sebab nak keluar pukul 8 pagi. Aku tak nakla lewat pulak kan walaupun giliran aku yang kedua.

Akhirnya, pukul 11 pagi, giliran aku sampai. Masuk dalam bilik mesyuarat (tempat aku present), aku nampak 3 orang panel. Waaah, sebelum ni ada 4 orang panel, hari ni ada 3 orang dan aku yakin, panel ni baik2.

Aku pun mulakan presentation. Nervous, memang nervous tapi aku tak bolehlah tunjuk. Tapi satu lagi masalah timbul!

Alamak, kenapa aku speaking pelik sangat ni?

Huwaaa....yep, sebab dah lama sangat tak bercakap dalam bahasa Inggeris, pronunciation aku sangat teruk huhuhu....dalam hati, sebut betul tapi bila sebut kat mulut, semua lari, huwarghhh!

Dalam setengah jam lebih, aku siap present. Fuh, selesai satu tahap. Tibalah sesi soal jawab pulak.

Maka bermulalah sesi itu. Aku cuba beri reaksi setenang yang mungkin dan senyum setiap kali panel bercakap dengan aku.

Nampaknya, panel2 ni tak condemn sangat aku. Diorang banyak bagi pendapat dan nasihat. Yang penting, diorang cakap, presentation aku clear dan diorang yakin, aku tau apa aku nak buat.

Yang tak best, of course diorang complain pasal speaking aku yang tak berapa betul. Hurmn, rasa malu nak mengaku yang aku ada Bachelor of English for Professional Communication. Takleh nak communicate dengan betul, memang memalukan.

Well, sekali lagi, supervisor aku tak dapat sertai presentation tue. Sepatutnya dia ada sekali, tapi takpelah, aku faham yang dia sangat sibuk walaupun aku agak sedih yang dia takde sekali. Lepas present tu, aku tengah berkira2 nak mesej dia bagitau aku dah siap present, tapi tak sempat aku mesej, dia dah mesej dulu tanya apa komen panel. So, aku bagitau jerlah apa yang jadi.

So, begitulah berakhirnya presentation aku yang kedua. Sekarang belum ada keputusan walaupun dah dekat sebulan aku present. Pihak atasan belum meeting pun lagi. Aku memang harap aku berjaya lepas kali ni, tapi kalau lepas nanti, memang banyak kerja yang menanti huhuhu

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Procrastinating...again ~.~

Here I am...
Sitting before a bunch of journals and several drafts of my proposal.

Yeah, for countless times, I've been procrastinating again!

That's exactly what I said earlier...

"Maybe I should have started sooner!"

Huwaaaa...what can I do?
Procrastination is just my BAD habit that I have not yet thrown it far, far away!

I love to SLEEP! That is my number one problem!

I've spent my weekend reading 9Gag and sleeping!

Seriously! What a waste of time, right?

So, my dear readers, don't be like me.
You will regret it. If not today, you will regret it one day.

Ah, is the flow of this post not good? Not really flowing? Like no connection at all?
Ah, pardon me!

I'm so worried about my proposal right now. 
Because I will have my second attempt to defend my proposal this coming Friday!

Huwaaa...I'm so doomed!

When my supervisor asked me the very same question:

"What have you been doing?"

I was just speechless. And I was thinking to myself:

"I've slept too much!"

p/s: Please pray for my luck, everyone! huhu I really want to pass this presentation, carry on with data collection, finish my masters by the end of this year!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Berhati-hati dalam berkata-kata

Tak banyak yang aku nak katakan untuk tulisan kali ni.

Rasanya sebelum ni aku ada tulis panjang pasal jaga percakapan harian kita. Jadi, tak perlu aku nak ulas panjang-panjang.

Cukup sekadar mengingatkan, FIKIR DULU SEBELUM CAKAP.

Biasalah, kalau dah cakap laju sangat tu, tak sempat nak berhenti untuk fikir. Tapi cubalah biasa-biasakan diri untuk fikir sebelum cakap. Nampak ayat tu macam biasa tapi terkadang ia mungkin mengguris hati...malah mungkin mencalarkan maruah.

Sampai macam tu sekali? Fikirlah sendiri. Erti maruah itu berbeza bagi setiap orang.

Dan kadang2, cuba fikir. Apa yang kita cakap pada orang tu, sebenarnya kita sendiri buat atau tidak?

Kalau aku nak cakap post ni tidak berkenaan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati, memang menipu tahap dewa la kan...

Cuma nak tegaskan, ini cuma kesimpulan untuk semua yang pernah berlaku sepanjang hidup aku.

Ceh, nak cakap macam aku ni baik sangatla kan. Okey, aku mengaku, kadang2 aku pun sengaja dan tak sengaja mengguris perasaan orang lain dengan kata-kata aku.

Sebab aku tau, perangai aku...aku tau aku boleh sakitkan hati orang dengan kata2 aku, aku pilih untuk berdiam diri. Aku cuma boleh berharap, agar orang yang suka mengata aku, dapat hidayah. Supaya dia tutup mulut dan tak perlu jaga tepi kain aku.

Ada juga aku berdoa semoga orang tu alami apa yang aku alami. Supaya dia boleh rasa sendiri. Supaya dia insaf.

Alhamdullillah, nak dijadikan cerita, doa aku termakbul...tapi ada sedikit rasa kesal di hati aku sebab doakan dia macam tu. Terdetik dalam kepala, Allah turunkan ujian berdasarkan kemampuan kita. Dan ternyata, dia bukanlah orang yang bersedia untuk ujian seperti itu. Astaghfirullah...

Dan ingatlah, nabi juga pernah berpesan, kerana lidah, ramai umat terutamanya wanita masuk neraka. Jadi, sama-samalah kita pelihara percakapan kita.


(p/s: mulut tak laju. tangan jer yang laju nak penampor orang hahahaha)


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Susah bila tak boleh terima "rejection"

Ya, sebagai pelajar sepenuh masa, dah tentu entri aku mesti berkait dengan student life hehehe

Minta maaflah. Otak aku masih belum berkembang ke dunia pekerjaan. Masih di takuk yang sama. Masih di bawah tempurung dunia pelajar.

Baiklah, mari kita bincangkan tajuk di atas (wah, dah macam nak jawab esei dalam peperiksaan! hahaha)

Ya, memang susah bagi kita nak terima hakikat sebenar, yang berlaku.
Tambahan pulak, apa yang berlaku tu memang pahit untuk ditelan. Sukar untuk hati menerima apa yang nyata.

Apalah yang aku duk bebel ni kan?

Hurmn, tadi aku duduk belek2 balik folder yang aku simpan semua draft untuk proposal aku 

(Aih, cakap pasal proposal lagi? Takde benda lain ke nak cakap?)

Sebab tu aku cakap awal2 tadi, memang itu jer lah topik aku selagi aku tak habiskan tesis huhuhu

Sejujurnya, aku tersangatlah teringin nak habiskan belajar dan ada pekerjaan. Teringin nak ada duit gaji sendiri. Teringin nak ada kenderaan, rumah sendiri. Dan macam2 lagilah!

Tapi, semua tu takkan jadi nyata selagi aku belum berjaya tamatkan pengajian aku ni. huhu

Aku sedar, teramatlah sedar. Aku dah lama melarikan diri dari pensyarah aku. Okey, dah 3 bulan! Tak pernah aku buat kerja teruk macam ni.

Dulu, aku seorang pelajar yang sentiasa berdedikasi terhadap kerja yang diberi. Tapi, tapi sekarang ni...

Aku tau. Aku jadi macam ni sejak aku gagal dalam presentation hari tu. Well, sebenarnya bukanlah gagal sepenuhnya. Aku hanya perlu buat minor correction dan present balik. Itu keputusan penuh.

Tapi, memang jelas lagi nyata, aku terasa seperti di"reject". Dan aku tak boleh nak terima hakikat tu.

Sekarang ni, sepatutnya aku dah di tahap terakhir untuk proposal aku sebab minggu depan aku dah kena hantar intention to submit proposal. Tapi aku masih tak buat apa2.

Yes, literally...Aku memang tak buat apa2 sejak 3 bulan lepas!

Ya, aku memang ada baca journal2 dan artikel2. Tapi aku memang tak tulis apa2 pun. 

Sebenarnya, aku dah takut. Aku dah tak berani nak buat apa2 pada proposal aku tu. Dalam kata lain, tak tau dah nak buat apa. Buntu. Titik. Noktah. Aku takut kena reject lagi!

Aih, apakah ini sejenis trauma? Sejenis penyakit baru?

After-effect-of-failing-proposal-defence? Proposal-rejection-trauma?

Urghhh...apa aku buat ni??? huwaaaa!!!

Tarik diri? Ya, aku pernah terfikir. Banyak kali. Tapi sekarang dah terlambat. Sangat terlambat.

Sebabnya aku dah terikat dengan satu organisasi yang berikan aku pinjaman pelajaran. Jadi, nak tak nak terpaksalah teruskan juga (eh, bukan aku tak ikhlas. cuma secara tak langsung, ia jadi pendorong untuk aku teruskan dan tak jadi berhenti)

Tapi masalah lain pulak timbul. Masa yang aku ada hanyalah hingga hujung tahun ni. aaaargghhh

Macam mana? Proposal aku ni hanya akan dibentangkan pada bulan tujuh nanti. Kalau lepas, mungkin aku dapat teruskan, dan mungkin berjaya habis tahun ni. Tapi, kalau tak lepas, macam mana?

Aih, kalau tak lepas, rasanya aku patut batalkan aje pengajian ni. Tapi pinjaman tu macam mana? Sia2lah. Kena bayar balik lagi. Hurmn....

Sorry sebab aku tulis panjang sangat (kalau korang berjaya baca sampai sini, memang tabiklah...).
Tapi inilah gunanya blog kan? Tempat meluahkan perasaan. A public diary. Tengok saja header aku tu: When Emotions Are Talking. Bila emosi berbicara.

So, sekarang ni aku memang meluahkan perasaan habis-habisan huhu.

Sejujurnya, aku memang nak siapkan tesis dengan jayanya. Dan aku amat berharap yang pensyarah aku masih okey dengan aku.

Nak tau tak, hari tu dia ternampak kawan aku kat fakulti. Dia pun tanya:

"Where is Aziemah? Is she around here or in her hometown?"

Kawan aku tersengih jer. Tak tau dan tak berani nak jawab apa. Pastu pensyarah aku tanya lagi.

"Did she get married or what???"


Kelakar pun ada bila dengar kawan aku cerita. Mintak maaf banyak2 huhu

Aku tau, pensyarah aku tu memang ambil berat. Cuma aku je yang bermasalah. Huhuhu. Harap sangat yang dia tak marah aku. Hari tu dah kena marah, tapi yang membina la kan.

Hurmn, harap2 semuanya berjalan lancar. Tolong doakan ya. Terima kasih ^^,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pendapatan dah kurang separuh

Huhu ya, seperti yang tertulis dalam tajuk. Sekarang pendapatan bulanan aku dah KURANG SEPARUH dari yang aku dapat sebelum ni huhu

Macam mana boleh jadi?

Ya lah, aku kan tengah belajar lagi. Takde kerja tetap pun.

Tapi sebelum ni aku ada kerja dengan fakulti dan aku freelance dengan satu company ni. So, dalam sebulan boleh kata ak dapat agak banyakla. Bolehla nak bermewah sikit. Tapi aku dah berenti semua sebab nak fokus. Tambahan pulak, aku dah berjaya dapat tajaan.

Alhamdulillah, setelah setahun mencuba, dapat juga tajaan walaupun dalam bentuk pinjaman.

Cuma satu jer masalah, jumlah duit yang aku terima tu adalah separuh dari pendapatan aku dulu.

Memang terasa sesak dada. Banyak tu huhu..sekarang aku kena berjimat dalam banyak benda. Tiba2 aku terbayang, macam manalah orang yang gaji kurang dari seribu dan ada  keluarga? Aku yang bujang ni pun sakit beb!

Tapi apa2 hal pun, walaupun duit aku sikit, aku rasa bahagia sekarang. Tak taulah kenapa. Mungkin sebab aku dah tak perlu kejar deadline macam dulu. Beban kerja dah tak banyak.

Sekarang terbukti pada aku, walaupun duit kurang, kita boleh bahagia. Tapi tak bolehlah selamanya macam ni. Kita kena usaha untuk tambah pendapatan.

Cuma dalam kes aku, buat masa sekarang, aku happy. Walaupun keinginan nak beli kereta terpaksa aku tahan buat masa sekarang.

Insya allah, satu hari nanti matlamat itu akan tercapai.. Amin.

"Allah takkan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan mereka berusaha untuk mengubahnya."

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kita Tak Tau Bila Ajal Kita Akan Datang

Salam sejahtera kepada semua pembaca...

Kali ni aku rasa macam nak tulis benda yang serius sikit.

Semuanya gara2 perkara yang baru sahaja berlaku pagi tadi.

Perkara yang mungkin boleh meragut nyawa setiap orang yang ada di kawasan itu, jika Allah mengkehendakinya.

Baiklah, bunyi macam serius? Ya, dah tentu! Kalau bukan sebab Allah nak selamatkan aku dan rakan2, mungkin sekarang aku, tak pun kitorang dah takde kat dunia ni. Mungkin aku tak duduk di sini menulis...

Erm, aku tak tau sama ada nak cerita sepenuhnya ataupun tidak apa yang dah berlaku. Ya lah, ia semua bermula daripada kesilapan manusia. Sesiapa sahaja boleh melakukan kesilapan. Cuma tinggal siapa dan apa kesilapan yang dilakukan oleh seseorang itu.

Memanglah lumrah manusia itu cepat lupa. Jika diteliti dari bahasa arab, manusia itu sendiri bermaksud pelupa. Betul, kan?

Okeylah, nak dijadikan cerita. Sebelum aku teruskan, aku nak cakap, aku tak marah pada sesiapa atau insan yang melakukan kesilapan itu. Cuma sekarang aku nak cakap pasal benda lain. Bukannya aku nak salahkan sesiapa. Bukan aku nak marah (mungkin sebab aku dah rasa 'sejuk' kot).

Okey, ceritanya...ada lah hamba Allah dalam rumah aku terlupa nak tutup dapur gas sebab pagi tadi dia panaskan lauk semalam. Dia buka gas tu semaksimum mungkin sebab dia nak makanan tu cepat panas. Ya lah, dah lambat nak pegi kerja, mestila nak cepat kan. Ditakdirkan, dia terlupa nak tutup. Dia keluar pergi kerja tanpa menyedari yang dia tak tutup gas tu. Masa tu, aku dan tiga orang lagi budak rumah masih tidur (sebab malam tadi tidur lambat).

Ditakdirkan lagi, tiba-tiba seorang kawan aku tersedar dari tidur. Dia pelik tengok asap berkepul2 dalam rumah. Bau hangit. Mula2 dia ingatkan ada litar pintas. Dia terus check seterika. Tak buka pun suisnya. Dia check pembakar roti. Tak buka pun. Lepas tu, dia masuk balik bilik. Rasa pelik, dari mana datang asap tu. Dia cakap asap tu memang dah penuh dalam rumah tapi dia tak tau dari mana. (Aku dan yang lain masih tidur, ditakdirkan kitorang memang tak sedar langsung).

Lepas tu, dia tergerak hati nak masuk dapur. Dia nampak asap tapi belum pasti puncanya. Sekali dia masuk dapur, api tengah menyala-nyala kat atas dapur tu! Asap tak payah cakap la kan. Mujurlah api tu belum marak. Dahlah sebelah kiri ada tong gas, sebelah kanan ada peti sejuk...

Bayangkan! Bayangkan apa akan jadi kalau takde pun salah seorang dari kitorang tersedar? Dahlah tu, masa aku bangun tidur, kawan aku tadi dah keluar. Jadi, aku tak tau apa yang dah jadi. Rasa pelik kenapa badan rasa lesu dan penat. Rasa macam nak pitam pun ada. Pelik tengok tingkap terbuka luas. Pelik kenapa ada bau hangit.

Sorang lagi kawan baru bangun jugak. Dia pun rasa pelik kenapa kepala dia rasa berat sangat hari ni. Selalunya kalau tidur lambat, takdelah rasa macam ni bila bangun. Rupa-rupanya, kitorang sebenarnya dah tersedut asap tu agaknya masa kitorang tengah tidur. (Mujurlah tak mati sesak nafas ke apa...)

huhuhu...bila kitorang dapat tau apa yang dah terjadi masa tidur tadi, terfikir banyak kemungkinan yang boleh terjadi. Yang boleh berlaku. Yang paling jelas, kalau semua tak sedar, memang mautlah yang menanti. Nauzubillahiminzalik!

Takutnya bila terbayangkan semua tu...hanya Allah yang tahu betapa terkejut, takut, risau, dan marahnya kitorang masa kawan yang sorang tu bercerita pada kitorang...
Ya, sekali lagi...aku tak nafikan, semua orang boleh buat salah. Cuma siapa yang buat salah, itu persoalannya. Tapi kitorang fikir, benda ni boleh dielakkan. Sebab kawan yang terbuat salah tu, selalu kelam-kabut pagi2 nak pegi keja. Masa tu lah nak panaskan lauk, masa tu lah nak gosok baju, masa tu lah nak mandi, mekap, blablabla...

Tak rasa ke benda tu boleh dielakkan dengan bangun lebih awal? Atau buat persediaan malam ke kalau nak bangun lewat pagi? Okey, okey..sekarang aku tak nak salahkan dia dah.

Mungkin ini satu dugaan, satu peringatan yang Allah turunkan melalui perbuatan dia. Siapa tahu, bukan?

Mungkin Allah nak uji kitorang, adakah kitorang akan melatah dan marah dia dengan sewenang-wenangnya begitu sahaja? Mungkinkah kitorang akan maafkan dia? Ya, kita tau dia tak sengaja. Gila ke apa kalau dia sengaja? Dah tentu tak kan...

Jadi, kalau bab kemaafan tu, aku dengan senang hatinya boleh maafkan dia sebab aku tau semua orang pun mungkin boleh berbuat kesalahan yang sama tanpa disedari.

Ya, dia dah hantar mesej mintak maaf dengan semua housemate.

Tapi kan, memanglah...perancangan Allah itu sangat teliti dan rapi. Cuma kita kena nilai sendiri apa maksud yang tersirat di sebalik apa yang berlaku.

Cuma aku nak cakap, ditakdirkan hari ni kitorang keluar rumah lambat. Selalunya aku dengan kawan2 keluar pergi library pagi2 lagi. Macam semalam kitorang keluar pukul 8 pagi. Tapi hari ni ditakdirkan kitorang keluar lambat.

Bayangkan lagi..apa jadi pada rumah tu kalau kitorang takde kat rumah? Lagi dahsyat rasanya..

Apa-apa pun, aku amat bersyukur yang kitorang terselamat dari apa-apa bencana. Seram sejuk rasanya bila fikirkan apa perasaan mak aku bila dapat tau berita buruk di Hari Guru ni? Dahlah kebelakangan ni aku jarang telefon dia sebab terlampau sibuk. Tiba-tiba dapat berita buruk? Astaghfirullah, tak dapat bayangkan...

Apa yang jelas sekarang, inilah satu peringatan yang aku rasa aku nak kongsi dengan semua orang.

Ajal maut tu di tangan Allah. Kita memang tak akan tau bila malaikat Izrail akan datang menjemput kita, dalam keadaan apa, dan di mana ia akan berlaku.

Dengan ini, marilah kita sama2 bermuhasabah diri dan renung2 kan...bertaubatlah sebelum terlambat.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Tanda2 Alergik terhadap Lipbalm atau Lipstik

Hai semua!

Haa...kepada kaum wanita, mesti biasa pakai lipbalm atau lipstik kan?

Kebanyakan orang yang tak pakai mekap pun mungkin akan pakai lipbalm sebab nak elakkan bibir kering. Kadang2 lipbalm ni perlu kalau tempat kerja atau rumah tu ada air-cond. Cuaca panas pun boleh menyebabkan bibir kering jugak...

Tapi, dalam banyak2 lipbalm dan lipstik yang dijual secara berleluasa di kedai2 dan secara online, sebenarnya ada yang boleh menyebabkan alahan atau alergik kepada kita. Pernah alami tak?

Bagi mereka yang baru2 nak belajar pakai lipstik atau lipbalm ni, anda kena tengok beberapa tanda alergik seperti di bawah...

Well, ini yang saya alami sendiri...tak tau lah kalau orang lain macam mana kan...

Tahap Pertama

Mula2 pakai memang rasa seronok...barang baru kan, kita mesti rasa seronok pakai. Tapi, setelah beberapa kali dipakai, jika anda alergik terhadap produk tu, anda akan mula rasa TAK SELESA pada bibir. Rasa macam pedih2, macam kering (padahal pakai lipbalm), dan mungkin rasa gatal (terutamanya bahagian dalam bibir).

Ada orang cakap, kalau nak tau produk tu sesuai tak, tunggu 15 minit lepas pakai dah boleh rasa. Tapi dalam kes saya, selepas dua tiga hari baru rasa tanda2 kat atas tu...

Tahap Kedua
Jika anda sudah mengalami tanda2 di atas, tetapi masih terus memakai produk tersebut, lama-kelamaan bibir akan terasa semakin gatal. Anda akan kerap menggaru bibir, atau menggigit bibir dengan gigi sebab gatal. Bibir terasa semakin kering. Bukan kering biasa macam tak cukup air tu. Kering dia tu lain macam sikit. Rasa macam nak letak air je selalu pada bibir tu...

Tahap Ketiga

Dulu, disebabkan tu first time saya alami alergik pada lipbalm...maksudnya, saya tak tau yang semua tu disebabkan oleh lipbalm, ingatkan disebabkan oleh, saya dengan automatik sampai ke tahap ketiga.

Agak kronik laa...sebab saya ingatkan bibir kering sebab air-cond, jadi saya makin rajin pakai lipbalm. Padahal itulah punca utamanya! huhuhu...

Setelah dekat seminggu gatal2 pada bibir, bibir saya mula membengkak. Rasa macam Angelina Jolie dah masa tu...hehehe. Bila membengkak, bibir jadi berair. Mula2 ingatkan air liur (tapi pelik la kan, takkan air liur meleleh pulak). Lama2, kesat punya kesat, air tetap ada.

Nak cakap nanah bukan. Tapi yang pasti, bibir tu berair dan memang rasa GATAL. Uish, masa ni memang tak pakai dah lipbalm tu sebab duk lap ngan tisu jer.

Tahap keempat (KRITIKAL)

Setelah beberapa hari bibir berair, saya rasa tak sedap hati. Saya pun plan nak jumpa doktor.

Padahal masa tu saya fikir: Perlu ke jumpa doktor? Bibir bengkak aje pun...Macam mengada-ngada la pulak nak jumpa doktor.

Sebelum saya pergi klinik, saya perasan yang saya semakin kerap bersin. Saya rasa pelik jugak kenapa bersin kerap sangat? Padahal takde makan belacan pun. Rasa gatal dalam hidung.

Apa doktor cakap?

Nak dijadikan cerita, saya pun jumpa doktor. Doktor suruh saya buka mulut luas2. Dia suluh dalam tekak. Saya cuma cakap bibir bengkak dan berair. Saya pun tak tau apa masalah saya masa tu.

Doktor cakap: Awak alergik ni. Awak pakai lipstik atau lipbalm?

Dah tentu ya. Dan saya baru teringat, lipbalm tu baru je saya beli. Dan semua tanda2 ni wujud lepas saya mula pakai lipbalm tu! Ades, kenapala saya tak sedar awal2 huhu

Doktor pun cakap lagi: Alergik ni sebab dah lama biar, dia merebak ke bahagian dalam mulut saya. Bahagian tekak tu pun dah ada tanda2 nak kena jangkitan. Dan dia cakap lagi, jangkitan tu sebenarnya dah sampai ke hidung saya (Saya tak cerita pun saya bersin, nampak sangat kesan jangkitan tu ketara).

Dan, dia cakap, kalau saya lambat lagi pergi dapatkan rawatan, ada kemungkinan jangkitan akan merebak ke paru-paru! Huwaaaahhhh!

Dahsyatnya! Tak dapat nak gambarkan betapa risaunya saya masa tu..

Lepas lebih seminggu, setelah makan ubat dan sapu ubat, saya sembuh sepenuhnya. Saya terus buang lipbalm tu walaupun masih baru.

Lepas tu???

Lepas tu, saya memang berhati-hati sangat bila pakai lipstik atau lipbalm baru. Kalau rasa gatal2 sikit tu, memang saya takkan pakai dah. Biarlah barang tu mahal pun, jangan fikir membazir. Fikirkan kesihatan kita!

Oh ya, saya memang senang kena alergik dengan lipbalm atau lipstik murah..tapi yang mahal pun ada jugak yang tak sesuai. Terpaksa bagi pada orang huhu

Tapi...saya nak tegaskan kat sini, silalah berhati-hati dengan pemakaian lipstik dan lipbalm ni. Kalau ada tanda2 tu, jangan biar sampai ke tahap kedua. BAHAYA tau!

p/s: Mungkin akan ada orang kata, tak payah pakai lagi senang. Tak membazir duit, tak kena jangkitan. Tapi sebenarnya, kadang2 benda ni perlu untuk elakkan bibir kering dan juga sakit (Ada pulak sakit lain kalau bibir kering sangat macam ulser)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Song of the Day: Reflection (Christina Aguilera)

And again, I'm thinking of my proposal.

Just so you know, I've been ignoring my proposal thingy since quite a month. Since before I went to Langkawi.

Don't you think it's some kind of irresponsible to do that???

Yes, I know. huhu I feel so pathetic to myself.

You know, I'm a freelance translator and editor. Several months ago, I translated someone's questionnaires. It means that person was collecting data (which is the stage after proposal). Several months ago, I translated someone's thesis.

And now, guess what? I'm editing their final writing!

Oh, wow! Dear me!

A knock smashing hard to my head when they contacted me today to edit their work...

I wonder...

What have I been doing????

They are already towards the end of their journey, while I'm still here!

Oh, pardon me to write quite a lot...

So, I just stumbled with this video and I would love to share it with my readers...

I think this song entitled Reflection by Christina Aguilera is somewhat motivational and suits my situation right now....


Friday, May 4, 2012

Langkawi 2012-Day 6 (Last Day-Shopping!)

Huhuhu...the last day!

Can't believe we were there for six days already! It seemed so short. Yet, it was full of activities...

I think, this was the best vacation ever!

We came here stressed...but we released them all during our stay here...

But, we can't forever run from our problems...Like it or not, we have to face it! So, after this, we were going back to our normal life...But, let's enjoy before going back to the hustle bustle of the city!

-Last shot at the beach beside our motel-

-There were many people coming here because it was Saturday-

-We were leaving while others were coming to enjoy their weekend-

-Sweet memories-

-Won't forget my days spent with these two girls-

So, we checked out at 9am. We started our journey to Kuah immediately after that.

Though it was quite early, most of the food at stalls were finished already. Luckily, we found a stall and had rice for breakfast. Must get enough energy for shopping! hahahaha

Then, immediately we searched for Haji Ismail Group's supermarket. Oh, HIG had many branches! I just knew that..

The prices of items on this island vary differently, though it is the same item! So, you have to be very careful and always compare the prices before you buy it. The difference is very large. Not only one or two ringgit...But up to RM30-40! Be careful! Even it is only on the next door, the price is very different.

So, to be safe...just go to Haji Ismail Group to do your shopping...or to a few other shopping malls.

For souvenirs, we found that the prices in Kuah town were quite expensive...compared to the shop that we found at Makam Mahsuri. So, we decided to do our shopping very quickly and headed back to Makam Mahsuri to buy souvenirs.

After all, we had to go there too to return the car and go to the airport...

-Some of the items from HIG hahaha-

Seriously, we shopped like CRAZY! Because there were so much to buy in a very limited time!

If you had noticed in my previous post, this was the ONLY day that we did our shopping...

After shopping at HIG, we headed to a shopping mall near Langkasuka Hotel...I had been there during my visit with my family, and I knew there were abundance of cheap but branded perfumes!

Yes, we shopped like CRAZY, again! I bought two perfumes...Well, consider it was quite a lot for me because I already had three perfumes at home! hahahaha

My other two friends got themselves a purse each (which was very cheap for a branded item). Another friend also bought two perfumes....fuuuhh

Oh, wow! We were running late for lunch! But we made a stop at Makam Mahsuri first and bought whatever we could grab for souvenirs.

Again, the brother of my friend invited us for lunch. This time, he cooked for us. So exciting! A chef cooked for us!

It was undeniable, delicious! Lucky us!

I was worried about the items that we just bought. We needed to rearrange all of them because we were afraid if the luggage would exceed 20kg and we had to pay additional charges...

Yes, it was! It exceeded 20kg! But luckily, the person in charge said we could bring the extra kg as our hand luggage (which I was quite worried too because only 7kg was allowed for hand luggage). Fortunately, we passed the security check and we were happy because we didn't need to pay extra charges worth RM80! Fuuhhh...

-Finally, boarding...leaving the island with the most wonderful memories ever!-

I hope all of you enjoy my posts. I just want to share so that you will know what Langkawi Island has to offer. Before this, I didn't know that there were a lot of things to try there...even though I had been to Langkawi so many times hahahaha...

One thing for you to bear in mind: The food on the island is super expensive...If you would like to save money, be prepared. Maybe you should get a hotel with coffee/tea making facilities. Maybe you can save your budget for breakfast and supper...

Or, just bring an electric kettle and iron on your own! Seriously, I regretted for not bringing these two items...hermn. We had to borrow an iron from my friend's brother. That was lucky. What if my friend didn't have her brother there?

So, that's all...

Thank you for reading!

Just drop your comment if you want to share your experience with me ^^,
I would love to read it
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