Tuesday, November 26, 2013

something to ponder

You like to think you're never wrong
(You live what you've learned)
You have to act like you're someone
(You live what you've learned)
You want someone to hurt like you
(You live what you've learned)
You want to share what you have been through
(You live what you've learned)
-Point of Authority, LP-

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More than one job is normal these days...

Well, never in my life had I ever imagined that I'll have more than one job. Yes, since young, I only think I'll have one job and that's it. I've never been so wrong.
It began when I was pursuing my study for Masters.
Well, if you've been following my posts, you'll know that I worked hard to pay for my study fee and my daily needs. At that time, I considered I already had three jobs.
First, as a full-time student. Second, as an assistant to a lecturer. Third, a part-time translator for subtitles. Well, sometimes I received theses from various disciplines to edit or translate.
Whoaaa...wait, no...don't think by having three jobs, that would mean I had a lot of money. No, not at all. All pay that I received was used to pay here and there and I ended up with nothing.
Stressed with that kind of life, I decided to quit my study and hunt for a job.
Thank God, finally I'm now a full-time editor.
But, ops I did it again! hahahaha
You know, our living cost nowadays is really high.
In no time, I secured a job as a part-time translator on daily basis. Meaning that, after getting home from a full day at the office, straightaway I start with my translation work.
And again...you know. It's not that I'm not satisfied with my pay and life, but I think I have to search for something better. I think I must upgrade my life, because it's just my nature, I'd like my life to be better.
Without knowing it, now I am a part-time takaful agent hehehehehe.
And now that means again I have three jobs.
and whoa...again, my money is not as much as you think huhuhu
No, no...I'm not complaining here. I just want to encourage everyone out there, who's reading this, I would like to remind you, life is not as easy as we think. Sometimes we really have to work hard to survive in this world.
And again a big BUT, we don't have to work hard all the time. At one point of time, you'll just have to work smart. But before reaching that point, we all have to work hard. Yes, you've to taste the difficulty first and live easily after.
Never live easily first and suffer after. Remember that...
You might think something is wrong with my life. You might think that I'm not donating enough. That's why money is never sufficient for me. But no, I would like to deny that because I believe, God has better plans for me. That's why he puts me in these shoes.
And I'm happy with my life right now. Because I always have something to do and I really like that ^__^
If you live easily, please appreciate your life.

p/s: Please contact me if you're interested in any Takaful products (MRTA/MRTT, Medical Card, Hajj plan)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's Not Easy

it's not easy
to be seating here
with a smile cheesy
writing all the time, so sissy

it's not easy
peeking at your phone
like something smells fishy
going to the ladies
countless times when you're sleepy

it's not easy
to be reading with eyes opened so wide
to brainstorm ideas until you feel nausea

it's not easy
but i'm truly happy
for everything's just crazy
mind blown delved into fantasy

it's not easy
as long as you're not lazy

-AziemahGekozen, 2013-
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