Saturday, June 17, 2017

Decision in the Making

I've been through some series of changes lately. These changes are making me to rethink and reconsider what I really want in my life. What I really desire.

Before, I have always wished to be an outstanding person. Not living a normal life and achieve something that not a normal people can. However, now, everything has changed. All I want now is just a normal life. I just want to live like a normal person. Happily without any abnormal concerns.

Everything that happens really makes me not only stressed but so depressed to the point that my body reacts without my brain knowing it.

I am slowly setting my heart on something. All I want is to get away from everything and be the normal self that I used to be. The old me, the introvert me. All these years have been really tiring. I have experienced everything I need to and now I have learned my lessons.

As I am setting my heart into this, and whether or not I am receiving any support, I think I'll just carry on. A year with someone which I thought can be my other half has not been promising enough. So much obstacles coming along the way until I do not know what else I am hoping for.

So, there it is. I have set my heart on it. Now let the time decide how it will turn out in the future. I still hope for the best and only the best.
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