Sunday, December 30, 2012

I’m starting a new life :)

Yes, my dear readers! We meet again after a very long time! (The usual starter for bloggers hahaha)

I had so much to write but I didn’t really have time to write because I’M STARTING A NEW LIFE!

Hehehe…finally! I’ve started making a change in my life. Actually, I started to apply for jobs in the last 2 months and I didn’t expect that I would be called for interviews!

Well, I went to ONLY two interviews. But it seemed to me was the necessary thing to do because I’m the type who choose my job. I don’t care if people say I’m too choosy because I KNOW what I WANT and what I DO. I’m pretty confident that I’m not the same as what people reported in the newspaper where graduates remain unemployed because they are too choosy.

Speaking about being CHOOSY, you have to be smart, you know. We don’t choose and let go blindly. I hope you, my dear readers, understand what I’m talking about because I’ve known several people who did not choose carefully ended up devastated. Well, let’s hope that they will find the correct path.

By the way, back to my story. I’m so fond of the position as an editor. So, I only searched for that position particularly and not many were advertised. So, I applied for several but only called for two interviews. The others contacted me but they couldn’t seem to understand why I’d been working only part-time and maybe because of my decision to quit my study gave them an impression that I’m a QUITTER. Well, let them think what they want because I know exactly what I’m doing. Let’s be positive, right?

The first company that I went for the interview was one of the companies that I had worked for part-time. I applied for the same position in 2010 but then they asked if I wanted to work in Johor. Being a 21 year-old graduate, I was too scared to work there because Johor was, and still is, one of the states in Peninsula that I haven’t been to. So, I refused it but I accepted several translation jobs after that. So, when I went for the interview last month, the person interviewing me remembered me particularly hehehehe. This time, I don’t mind anymore if they want to send me to Johor. So, during the interview, there was a written test and interview sessions.

The second company that I went for interview was also one of the companies I did part-time jobs. That company particularly translated the subtitles of Korean dramas/movies/variety shows. Interesting right? As a K-Pop lover, of course this company is a dream for me because while working, I can watch the shows I’m working on. Plus, I had been working part-time for that company for a year. So, once again, the interviewer who is a Korean woman recognised me and my work. It was a good sign, I think, if the interviewer knew you and she also praised me for my work before. I really wanted to work there because it is located in KL. The transportation is easy for someone who doesn’t have a car like me and the salary is quite good.

BUT, I slipped my tongue huhu. I told them that I went for another interview. I slipped it, oh uh. It couldn’t be helped but they started to make me comparing between the first company and their company. Of course, I said their company is better than the other one and I would be very happy to work for them. Well, maybe it was fated that I didn’t get the job when I contacted them a week after that. One of the reasons maybe because I slipped my tongue. And the other one, maybe because I don’t have any transport. That company works on a deadline basis. So, if I had to go home late, it would be hard for me. So, I took the positive side. God knows what is better for me.

So, I got the job at the first company. Luckily, I’m not sent to Johor but here I am, still in Selangor. Still not far to go back to my hometown hehe. And now I’m staying near to my younger sister. Though the salary they offer to me is much, much lower than the second company, I think maybe this is the best place for me to gather as much as experience I can in editing field. Plus, here I’m editing for English books. At the other company, I’ll be editing Malay subtitles which is not very good for my vocabulary development.

So, I believe that maybe God has better plans for me. Sometimes, what we want is not necessarily what is best for us, right?

Oh, I’m staying at the company’s hostel. Well, very good because I don’t really have much money right now. And I haven’t let go my rental house in Shah Alam because I’ve so many stuffs and I don’t know where to put them huhuhu.

Every morning, I will walk with another two Chinese girls to our office. The walk took us almost 30 minutes huwaaa. At first, I wasn’t happy because I was tired. But then, after the first day at work, I think the walk is very necessary because I only sit at the office for the whole day, with the air-cond and without the sunlight. If I don’t walk, maybe I will develop more fat in my body and I might have a heart-attack if I don’t exercise, right? So, I began to like walking to our office but then, it is quite dangerous because we have to walk past several factories where of course, there are many immigrants working there too. I hope, everything is okay. I hope they are nice guys and won’t disturb us, Amin.

It’s only been three days at work, but I’ve started to like the office and my office-mates. Though, they said I’m such a quiet person, I will try to mingle with them more. Yes, I’m a very shy person hehehe but once you know me, you will know how noisy and nosy I am opss :)

I will wait patiently for another three or six months to buy a car. I really want to drive because it will be safer and easier for me to go eat huhu. Now, I’m under probation period for 6 months. You know, this is a trial period where they want to see how I perform. If I didn’t perform well, I might have to go for another 6-month probation period. Then, I might be permanent or terminated. All depends on my performance. Well, I think this is what happens in a private-owned company. Everything is about performance.

I hope I will perform well because I plan to stay here for several years before I continue my study again. Being an editor is not just about editing. I will have to liaise with writers, designers, illustrators and my superior. And also, I will have to suggest the concept of the book I’m working on. Wow! To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect all those things. I only thought I only have to sit and edit the language (though I think I’m not very excellent in English language yet) huhu.

For the time being, I’m editing a MUET book. It feels like I’m studying for a MUET paper hehehe because every day, I read and read and edit. My attention is easily disturbed by the surroundings but I’ll try to adapt. Plus, I have a deadline to catch! huwaaa…oh, my superior seems quite a strict woman. It seems that I’m seeing a duplicate of my lecturer hehehe. But it’s okay, I know that I can’t work under loose supervision.

Yeah, please pray for my success! For now I’m starting a new life! Oh, I think so far I’m the youngest in my department…

Ah, it was quite hard for my mom to let me go because I had been helping her at home for several months hehehe but I said I need to work to earn some money, right?

p/s: I haven’t informed my lecturers and MARA about this huhu I’m pretty sure that they will be disappointed when they knew this ~.~”
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