Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Movie Review: The Expendables 2

Honestly, I don't really like action movies. I don't prefer it at all.

But I've got friends, girl friends, who are really into action movies. So, sometimes when we hop into a cinema, I've to respect their preferences too.

So, one day, two friends and I went to a cinema. I wanted to watch a horror story. There were two choices, and one was from Thailand! Of course, Thailand's horror stories are usually very interesting (at least for me). But, after some time of deliberation, the two decided on The Expendables 2.

2? When was the first? But I just agreed.

This movie, from the first minute...its action had already started!

Everything was so noisy as they were in a war/fight, I didn't know...but it was full of actions! Okay, it captured my attention.

But, I just didn't like someone's conversation on "the hadjis", about how could they've killed innocent people. These "innocent people" was meant the "US army". What the hell?

Oh, come on! Who attacked whom first? And now they are talking like that? Bull****!

I began to feel regret paying for such a movie. I, as always, don't like movies which have racism or religion issues.

As I was burning in my heart alone, luckily that kind of conversation didn't drag along.

After that, it was full of actions, and actions, and actions until I didn't realise it came to the end.

In conclusion, this movie is GREAT for those who really love ACTION movies!

Ratings: 7/10

p/s: the first one was in 2010

Movie Review?? Dah lama x tulis...

huhu baru perasan, rupanya dah lama aku tak tulis review untuk movies kan?

Maklumlah, terlampau banyak sangat tengok movies sampai x sempat nak wat review. Kalo wat, confirm banyak jer posts hahaha

Nak wat review movie apa yer?? hurmn...

Lagipun sekarang aku tengah fokus nak habiskan Running Man. Sekarang dah episod 100 lebih tapi aku baru tengok episod 60 lebih hahaha

Maklumlah, masa orang duk sibuk tengok Running Man, aku tengah sibuk dengan proposal.

Tengoklah, nanti aku update review pasal movie mana2 yang aku rasa nak wat.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Not Easy

It really is!

It was not as easy as I had expected. It is not that easy to go through the change that I was talking about.

In fact, I'm still in the process to do the changes!

huhuhu I received objections from various parties once I spoke my heart out loud. Everyone did not agree with my sudden move. Well, actually it wasn't so sudden because I had been thinking for several months already! Just that, they were surprised because they had not heard any complaints from me.

Honestly, I cried. I was so depressed over this decision.

It is very hurtful for me too but I really need this. It is not easy for me too but trust me, everything happens for a reason.

I really hope that everything will be smooth for me and I can get away from this soon.
so that I can tell you what's really going on hehehe
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