Thursday, April 19, 2012

yeay! it's lunch time!

yeay! it’s lunch time!

i’ve been going to the university’s library since last several weeks and lunch time is the time that i love the most hahahaha

but, i have this one problem which i’m not sure since when i’m having it…the problem is: I AM TOO CHOOSY! Yes, maybe some of my friends would feel quite uncomfortable with me because i’m really choosy when it comes to food. i can’t just eat anything. i’ll see how my mood is and what is suitable for that mood…

haih, i don’t know…i’m not a rich girl who comes from a rich family but my attitude seems so arrogant, isn’t it?

sometimes, i don’t feel like eating rice at all. fyi, rice is the staple food in this country and several other Asian countries. well, sometimes i could go two or three days without eating rice! it’s absolutely abnormal for someone  in my country.

just now, i just had this urge again. i don’t want to eat rice! so, i ordered a plate of chicken chop. the cafĂ© was full of students and all of them, if not all, majority of them were lining to get some rice…

but can you just imagine…among almost hundred people, there i was with a plate of chicken chop. i know they were thinking: eh, there is chicken chop being served here?

and i know, maybe some of them would think:
eh, why isn’t she eating rice? why does she act like a westerner?

hahahaha…oh, pardon me for being a little bit pessimistic but i know what people think because i had been receiving feedbacks from my friends. obviously, they think i have a weird appetite…and weird habit of eating too!

well, no matter how hungry i am, i can never eat much. even a plate of spaghetti is so torturing for me to finish it huhuhu

my style of eating is: steady and slowly….

a few friends of mine would feel annoyed because they had finished their meal while i just finished about a quarter of my plate. My friend’s 3 slices of pizza would equal to 1 slice of mine.

see, how slow i eat! uhuhuhu

i’ve heard that Japanese people would not spend too much time eating especially during the lunch hour. i’ve heard that they only spent 10 minutes at most to eat and then they’ll get back to work.

i don’t know how far is the truth but as far as i’m concerned, Japanese people really appreciate every ticking time. yes, they don’t waste time like i do on eating…

most of the time, i won’t finish my meal. and this leads to another problem: wasting $money$

oh, god! why?

i would ask myself. why am i being like this? because i don’t like to waste my money and other people’s time.

so, the best solution is i would take as few as possible or i won’t eat at all…or sometimes, i just opt to not finish my meal because i don’t like others waiting for me to finish eating.

my male friends would display rather annoying faces or i-can’t-believe-it faces when i didn’t finish my meal but i’m used to it. i know boys eat more than girls. so, they can’t accept it when i only have half a plate of rice but still can’t finish them.

many people have weird habits and preferences. i’m one of them…hehehehe

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Langkawi 2012 - Teaser

hihihihi....aku baru try upload gambar melalui explorer, baru dapat! yeay!

rupanya chrome yg masalah...takpelah, yg penting boleh upload kan kan...

so, kat atas adalah antara pemandangan dari atas puncak stesen kabel...nanti aku akan update cerita penuh punya...memerlukan masa sikit sebab banyak nak cerita hehehehe


why do i have this problem?

oh my!

why can't i upload any picture to blogger?

i have so much to share...i want to share my latest experience to Langkawi last week.

u know, a picture paints a thousand words...

but, but, but...

i can't upload any picture! why? why? huhuhu

to my readers, please wait till i solve this problem. for sure u don't like reading a long post without pictures, right?

huwaaa...hopefully it's not because of my laptop because this laptop has given me enough problem already huhuhu

not this blogger too ;(
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