Monday, September 20, 2010

Basic Rules in the Kitchen

Hygiene is the keyword for kitchen. When we are about to start our cooking, we have to make sure that the kitchen is clean. Make sure that all dishes are done. In fact, we should have already finished the dishes after having previous meal.

Then, look at the kitchen table. Once again, make sure it is clean. Look if there are any uninvited things on it and if there is, immediately clean it. Now, I can say we are ready to cook.

Oh, oh, wait! Do you need to go to the toilet? You better go before you start. It is not a good habit if you go while you are cooking. After going to toilet, wash your hands and if possible, use soap. Remember, the food you are about to cook will go into your stomach. If it is not clean, then you will get sick!

And another thing before you get started. Check your left fingers. Are you wearing a wedding ring? Or any ring? If so, I recommend you to put it off for just a moment. Just take it off while you are cooking. Why? It is a wedding ring! We should never take it off!

Yes, I understand that. But, do you realise that we use our left hands to clean um…you know…well, bacteria might be trapped around the ring. So, it is better to put it off just for a little while. Just for hygiene sake. But, if you are confident it is clean from any dirt, then it is up to you.

Well, I guess that is all for now. Basic kitchen rules that we should follow based on my observation and what people teach me. May this guide be useful!
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