Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aku Benci Orang Hipokrit!

Hermn...tiba-tiba rasa macam nak menulis pasal perkara yang pernah aku lalui selama nie tapi bukan nak cerita satu per satu...cuma nak cerita apa yang aku rasa.

Entahla kenapa tapi akhir-akhir nie aku sebenarnya rasa bahagia sangat sebab aku baru saja masuk ke rumah baru dan dapat kawan baru. Aku rasa diorang nie memang baik sangat dan yang penting diorang cuma buat hal sendiri. Betul...aku rasa lega bila dah tak ada orang yang nak menyibuk pasal hal kehidupan aku. Ops, maaflah kalau terkasar bahasa tapi sekarang aku gembira...

Kalau nak tau, kehidupan aku dulu agak teruk (bila difikir-fikirkan balik la...) sampai aku terfikir kenapa aku boleh berada dalam situasi tue? Kadang-kadang aku rasa pelik, macam mana aku boleh hidup dalam keadaan tue untuk satu tempoh yang agak lama... Aku takde perasaan ke? Sampaikan orang sekeliling sebenarnya rasa pelik tengok aku. Apa sebenarnya yang aku tengah cakapkan? hermn...

Mungkin korang tau macam mana rasanya bila kita berkawan dengan seseorang...bila kita dah rapat dengan orang tue, semua kesilapan dia nampak kecik jer... nampak macam takde apa2 kesan pun... walau sebesar mana kesalahan orang tue, kita tetap maafkan dia sebab dia kawan kita... Dan kita mungkin fikir yang kita dah saling memahami walaupun sebenarnya TAK.

Tapi, itulah...bila kita dah berpisah dan fikir-fikir balik, saat itulah baru kita perasan dan rasa yang diri kita nie bodoh sebab terlalu baik dengan orang tue...huhu...

Aku cakap nie secara umum. Aku cakap berdasarkan pengalaman aku dari kecik sampaila sekarang. Jadi, sesape nak terasa, aku tak tau ape korang nak terasa sebab yang sepatutnya terasa tue AKU. Aku yang rasa semua tue...

Bagi yang tak berkenaan aku mintak maaflah tapi aku cuma sedih dengan diorang yang berkenaan nie. Oh, aku tau...mungkin ada yang akan cakap aku sendiri tak sedar kesalahan aku pada orang lain...lepas tue aku nak menyalahkan orang pulak. Betul tak? Well, aku nak mintak maaf lah kalau aku ada salah tapi aku berani cakap yang aku tau kesalahan aku bila aku buat. Dengar macam aku membesarkan diri? Agak la...tapi sekurang-kurangnya aku sedar!

Tak macam ada sesetengah orang tue, memang tak sedar langsung walau sebanyak mana kesalahan yang dia buat. Ada kes lagi best, dahlah kutuk aku dalam blog dia (memang la dia tak cakap nama tapi aku tau la dia cakap pasal aku...), [eh, nie aku pun kutuk dia dalam blog jugak?] pastu bila jumpa buat-buat baik. Buat-buat nak tanya khabar. Macam takde apa-apa yang berlaku! Bayangkan! Bayangkan! Dahlah tuduh benda yang aku tak buat!

[Istighfar]...haih...dalam hidup nie, aku paling tak suka orang yang menipu! Yang kedua aku tak suka orang yang HIPOKRIT! Weh, kalau kau tak suka orang tue, tak payahlah nak buat-buat baik pulak! Macam pernah dengar ayat nie??? Kalau tak pernah, silalah ambil pengajaran.

Dan wahai pembaca yang budiman, ingatlah nasihat aku nie...JANGAN SEKALI-KALI BERKAWAN DENGAN SESEORANG KERANA KASIHAN...

seumur hidup la menyesal nanti...wallahualam...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mid Valley-Special Post

I put the title as a Special Post because this time I want to write about what I was doing yesterday at Mid Valley with two friends of mine, Ina and Aida! Sorry to other friends...I'll write about you later...hehehe...

Yes, I do have many friends but I want to write about this because I was so happy yesterday and I really enjoyed my time with the two of them! What was the thing that made me happy? First of all, we went to watch a movie at the Mid Valley GSC Cinema and guess what? It was first time for all of us to go to that cinema although we'd been in that shopping mall for hundreds of time! hahaha...

The movie entitled "The Tourist" featuring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. At first, I doubt about the movie because I hadn't heard so much about it. BUT in the end, the movie was so outstanding! Really, I really enjoyed the movie. So did my friends. We had such a good time together!

-Me and Ina-

-Me and Aida-

After the movie, we walked around Mid Valley. There were so many people as it was approaching Chinese New Year.... So, there were a lot of sales everywhere. Guess they didn't want to let go the opportunity to get discount prices, including me!

It was near dusk already. So, Ina went back first. Oh, while me and Aida still continued to walk around because we were so excited to see the decoration there which looked like Sakura flowers were blooming!

And actually it had been my dream to go to countries like Japan, Korea, and China...So, really enjoyed the sight and we took a lot of pictures. I'm sorry Ina because you weren't in the picture...huhu...don't take to your heart, k? hehehe...

Oh, and we had the opportunity to see a group of Chinese people playing drums in the middle of Centre Court but I didn't snatch any picture as I was already tired at that the way, have you looked at pictures above? Aren't the decorations stunning? For me, definitely yes!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Super Junior Fever!!!

Have you ever heard about Super Junior??? The famous Korean group that has 13 male members??? Owh,'s gO.od if you have heard about the group because I can share with you that I'M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THEM!!! hahahaha... The song that I really LOVE from this group is SORRY SORRY. If you haven't listened to the song, click this link to find out!!! YOU REALLY HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!!!>>>

These are their pictures just in case you do not remember or know them!!!


For me, this group is very different from any other groups that I've known so far because they have many members and MOST OF ALL, because they dance beautifully!!! Oh, how do I know them??? Credit to Miss Najah ( who is responsible for everything! hahaha...

Out of the 13 members, I really love Yesung because he is capable of everything (seen from my eyes...). Do you want to know Yesung??? Here are some of his pictures!!!

Hahaha....isn't he very LOVELY??? and most of all, Yesung resembles a Korean actor that I really, really adore...he acted in My Girl. Guess who?? LEE JUN KI!!! Do you want to see the comparison between Yesung and Lee Jun Ki??? Check this out!!!

-Yesung vs Lee Jun Ki-

Ah, I really admire these Korean artists!!! I never love a musical or dance group this much! I guess, people around the GLOBE also feel the same! hahahaha.... I think I should stop now blogging about them because this blog will be full of SUPER JUNIOR pictures especially YESUNG PICTURES!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Watching AJL 25...sHHHhhh

Yes and yes! I really like entertainment, I love to listen to songs and I like to sing (when I'm alone hehe)...So, I couldn't wait to watch AJL 25 as I assume, this is the most prestigious music award in Malaysia, am I right? I guess I'm right...hehe

I didn't have a tv... So, I went to TV room at a college in UiTM and guess what?!! The room was so full with girls who just like me, they love entertainment! Did I jump to conclusion? But, seriously, it was dark because they switched off the light and it was hot because there were so many people in the room BUT they still sat in there loyally because they were like me, they wanted to know who will be the winner!

Luckily, I managed to get a seat by the help of my friend, thanks to Aida hehehe....and so, the show began...

It was quite chaotic and noisy because they had been laughing and commenting to the show and to the hosts...BUT i thought it was okay BECAUSE for me, it was normal when people watching an entertainment show, right?

NEVERTHELESS, suddenly when the audience were laughing, there was a voice sounded sHHHhhh... ha?? I WAS SO SHOCKED! at first, I thought maybe I heard wrongly...then, when the audience laughed one more time, and there was another sHHHhhh.... I said in my mind, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE sHHHhhh GIRL???

For me, it was like...if you want a sHHHhhh condition, you better get out of the room and watch the show in a jungle! I mean, was it wrong for the audience to LAUGH??? and of course, when there were many people, the LAUGH echoed but actually, the FUN came when you were with people! It would not be fun if you watched an entertainment show by YOURSELF! unless you think it IS FUN to watch alone in sHHHhhh environment, right?

Aaaahhh, I'm a TV lover...when I was in college, I would go to TV room many times and had good times watching TV with people that I didn't know BUT share similar interest as me...AND it had never occurred to me that when people laughed over sth on TV, people gave a had NEVER occurred because we understood each other although we didn't know each other! and that is the FUN of watching TV...

arghhh...why am I writing this? I just want to share it with advice is: if you want a sHHHhhh environment while watching TV, NEVER GO TO A COLLEGE TV ROOM!

no offense...thanx for reading XOXO
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