Friday, December 23, 2011

Movie Review: The Cinderella (Thai Horror) (2011)

Hi there...

I just spent almost 2 hours on this Thai movie entitled "The Cinderella".

Yes, the title itself attracted me to watch it. Plus, the genre as it is written is HORROR.

I really love ghost story. What more if it is from Thailand. Usually, Thai Horror movies are the scariest.

BUT...big BUT here

This movie is really a WASTE of time! It is NOT a ghost story! It's just some kind of killing/thriller story that is so lousy!

Seriously! I advise you not to waste your time on this movie.

The poster is much more beautiful than the story....

Rating: 5/10

p/s: indah khabar dari rupa.


Kongsi Apa2 Aje said...

yeke..tgk gambar cam seram jer. padahal tak tipu jer...huhu

mekasih coz berkongsi..admin hargai sgt2

Aziemah Gekozen said...

itulah kan...poster bukan main seram. tp mmg x seram langsunglah ~.~

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